David Ward, MP sponsors almost comical anti-Israel motion in House of Commons

The following motion, sponsored by Israel hater Jeremy Corbyn and David Ward (whose animosity towards Jews, and not merely Israelis, is well documented) and signed by 41 other MPs (including George Galloway), in the House of Commons is an almost comical example of the anti-Israel double standards often employed by a vocal minority of British politicians.

David Ward, MP

Here’s the motion:


Here’s the text:

That this House notes that, on a daily basis, Israeli authorities restrict journalists’ movements and there are hundreds of military checkpoints that constrain or forbid journalists’ movements; further notes that despite the long-standing campaigning by journalists and civil rights organisations, the Israeli authorities continue to reject identity cards, accreditation and press cards, including the International Federation of Journalists press card, when carried by Palestinian journalists; condemns the continuous attacks by Israeli soldiers on Palestinian news gatherers, in particular photographers and camera crews, the level of attacks has increased during the first half of 2013, in 2012 the attacks involved rubber coated steel bullets, tear grenades and stun grenades; and reaffirms that freedom of movement is a central tenet of independent professional journalism and, in restricting such a right, Israeli authorities are in breach of international covenants and the right to report.

It seems that Ward and Corbyn woke up in the morning, and shuffled off to Westminster determined to convince their fellow MPs that Israel – which, per Freedom House, “enjoys the freest press in the region” – urgently needed to be condemned for their record on press freedom.

Of note, Freedom House also wrote the following in their latest report on human rights in Israel:

Legal protections for freedom of the press are robust, and the rights of journalists are generally respected in practice. The country’s Basic Law does not specifically address the issue, but the Supreme Court has affirmed that freedom of expression is an essential component of human dignity. The legal standing of press freedom has also been reinforced by court rulings citing principles laid out in Israel’s Declaration of Independence.

Additionally, it seems that Ward and Corbyn didn’t bother consulting the Committee to Protect Journalists, whose 2013 report was quite clear on which states were the worst violators of press freedom:

Which state is worst violator, per CPJ?

Turkey headed the list for the second year in a row despite reducing the number of journalists imprisoned in the country from 49 last year to 40. However, of those released, some are awaiting trial and could still find themselves back behind bars.

In addition, other prisoners were released for time served while awaiting trial. In his November acceptance speech for the International Press Freedom Award, Turkish journalist Nedim Sener noted that it is common for journalists to sit in jail for lengthy periods in Turkish prisons without being brought to trial.

Which state is the second worst violator, per CPJ?

Iran was holding 35 journalists in prison at the time of the CPJ survey, compared to 45 in 2012. Some of the prisoners from the year before finished their jail terms, while other were released “on furlough” and could be summoned to finish their terms at any time, according to CPJ, which also noted that Iran had continued making new arrests and handing down “lengthy prison sentences” to reformist journalists even after the election of President Hassan Rouhani, a presumed moderate.

Other violators of note:

Meanwhile in the tumultuous Middle East, the number of journalists officially detained in Syria declined from 15 last year to 12 in 2013, although CPJ noted that it did not take into account the number of journalists who were abducted and are being held by rebel groups. “As of late 2013, 30 journalists are missing in Syria,” it said.

In contrast, CPJ noted that “there are currently three journalists being held in Israeli jails, all three from the West Bank”.

Also absent in the resolution by Ward and Corbyn is any mention that, by and standard, the worst abuse of Palestinians journalists in the region is meted out by the Palestinian government in Gaza and the West Bank.  Reports abound detailing harassment and violence suffered by Palestinian journalists at the hands of Palestinian Authority officials, with journalists and bloggers often arrested, detained and interrogated by PA security forces for the sole “crime” of being critical of Mahmoud Abbas.  Even Facebook users who’ve expressed ideas critical of the government have been arrested by Palestinian police.

Not surprisingly, Freedom House ranks the Palestinian territories as “not free” — the lowest of three possible rankings — with regard to the ability of Palestinian journalists to report on the Palestinian Authority with no restrictions.


Mohammed Jaradat

As our coverage of the Guardian consistently demonstrates, the violation of Palestinian human rights by Palestinian leaders is of little concern to those blinded by a malign obsession towards the Jewish State.  

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  1. I was going to say this is simply unbelievable chutzpah by Ward, Corbyn, Galloway etc, but sadly there is nothing unbelievable about it. It’s very sad.

    I am very confident, however, that this ridiculous motion will be given short shrift by the House as a while.

  2. Can you publish the full list of the 41 MPs who signed this please. (The motion link is broken). I’m familiar with the likes of Corbyn, Ward and Galloway – I’m more interested in finding out who the other bigots are.

  3. You should include in this article how the Tamimi girl took advantage of her press pass to access Jerusalem to plan and execute the Sbarro’s bombing in 2001 murdering Malki Roth and 15 others.

  4. Forgive me if I don’t find the antics of antisemitic politicians “comical”. An MP who is prepared to sink to these depths to defend a 365 majority is a disgrace to democratic values. Ward is of course just lobby fodder. He is of little talent, honesty or importance. Consequently he is able to devote his efforts to this sort of libel protected by parliamentary privilege. He clearly feels such activities are potentially more profitable than committing himself unreservedly to helping his constituents with their myriad problems.

    • JSF, I hope you will be writing to your MP to let her know your response. She is your representative even though you did not vote for her. I will be emailing my Labour MP about this ( not a signatory) – as I always do when necessary. Go on, do it now.

  5. I can imagine a good many other MPs hearing the words “Motion from the right honourable [sic] member for Bradford East” and thinking: “oh FFS, not him and his Israel obsession again.”

    Bradford must be flourishing considering the amount of time Ward seems to have on his hands to devote to foreign affairs.

  6. ” the ability of Palestinian journalists to report on the Palestinian Authority ”

    Two things, Firstly to use the words ” Israel haters ” as you do in the first sentence is pedestrian in that it treats its readers as half wits but on a site purporting to analyse words it is sloppy and looks as if you are pandering to the masses who come here to fart in the general direction of the Guardian,

    Secondly to expect a brutalised and vanquished people to somehow form an administration based on fairness and justice is true humour.

    I can see my work here is not done I had been fooled by a series of good articles.

    • “I can see my work here is not done”

      Your ‘work here’ being what exactly?

      Did Adam request your assistance?
      If not I’m sure he, and others, will not wish to keep you here because while you are here we are depriving a village somewhere of your services as their very own idiot.

    • …you are pandering to the masses who come here to fart in the general direction of the Guardian.
      Farting into the general direction of the Guardian would be the most outrageous waste of human resources, the place is completely saturated with your kind Jew-hating shit already.
      Secondly to expect a brutalised and vanquished people to somehow form an administration based on fairness and justice is true humour.
      1. Israel
      2. South Africa
      3. Ireland
      4-11. Most of the ex-Soviet occupied countries in Europe.
      That you don’t expect the same from the Arabs/Muslims shows your despicable racism.
      I can see my work here is not done…
      Agreed. You must keep it up posting here to demonstrate the true face of the so called warriors for Palestinian rights.

      • Peter. You beat me to it with the examples of other “brutalised and vanquished people” who have managed to “somehow for an administration based on fairness and justice”. What an ignorant, pompous, arrogant, self-satisfied prat that “website” is.

    • “Secondly to expect a brutalised and vanquished people to somehow form an administration based on fairness and justice is true humour”
      You are working for Non Sense Productions? Truisms without any empirical proofs are very important to nonsense producers like you.
      In fact terrorist gangs, fed and subventioned by the world since sixty years are not only incapable to act responsible, but live off the irresponsibility too, it is their very livelihood.
      To be fed and nourished by the EU, UNO, UNRWA, WHO, FAO, Unicef, OIC, OPEC, USA, Rede Cross, Red Crescent, Churches of all Faiths, Islamic charities, Christian charities, Germany, France, Netherlands, Russia, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, thousand of NGOs and so on and so forth certainly produces brutalised and vanquished people committed to terrorism instead of state building.

      As propaganda tool you are missing your intended function.

    • Funny how that works. The Palestinians are a brutalised people (you forgot to note that they’re mostly brutalised by each other) and therefore nothing can be expected or asked of them. The Jews, on the other hand, are a brutalised people who can be expected to have learned the lesson—who knew it was really a lesson?—meted out by their persecutors and condemned for not acting like angels in consequence.

  7. According to Wikipedia the House of Commons has 650 members. 43 of them make 6.6% meaning that a significant part of the representatives of the British people are either outright Jew-haters or certified idiots or totally unscrupulous crooks who would do everything for their reelection or any combination of these three possibilities.
    G. Galloway while criticizes the freedom of the press in Israel finds the time for other interesting activities too – certainly in order to better the lives of his constituency…
    Respect MP George Galloway, who has spoken to the Syrian authorities and was due to collect Mr Khan on Friday, said: “We know what the crime was: he was captured on the battle field in Aleppo. He had no right to be there.
    “He was administering medical treatment in a war zone. This is obviously something that if he was captured he would be held for.”

    Somehow he and his fellow pond dwellers played from an other sheet regarding the “humanitarian aid workers” inGaza during Cast Lead.

  8. I have just noticed that this EDM 739 has also been supported by Mike Hancock of Portsmouth South (LibDem). Hancock is notorious for his liaisons with various women (other than his wife) including his Russian ‘researcher’ Katia Zatuliveter who was suspected of being a KGB spy. Hancock is currently awaiting a civil suit from a lady constituent accusing him of sexual assault. Interestingly he also represents a constituency with a very large Bangladeshi electorate. At present Hancock is described as an “Independent” MP awaiting the outcome of his current problems before presumably being re-admitted to the LD parliamentary party. It is as yet not known whether Hancock will have the chutzpah to stand for re-election in 2015.

  9. I intend to email my MP (who is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel) to propose that he sponsor an EDM of his own, which he can get the 12 MPs who are members of the CFI, the 19 MPs who are members of the Labour equivalent and the 1(!) Liberal Democrat friend of Israel to support. The motion would highlight the excellent record Israel has on press freedom. I will send him a link to this article for reference.

  10. Never mind the Bollocks: “Since this website invariably whinges…..”

    Always the last resort of mean-spirited arrogant English bigots, to reassert their superior moral claims over the yids, by dismissing Jewish concerns and their criticism of the iniquities and hatred stacked against them as ‘whinging’.

    • You could get off your arse & do your own research, but I will spoon-feed you: There are numerous continuing allegations that this is true. I haven’t found much firm evidence, and it’s hard to know what firm evidence would consist of given that, almost by definition, the allegations are reported by self-interested parties.

      You could make an effort & take a look at Freedom House. There you will find plenty of ammunition to use against Israel and, this being a free world, you can overlook all the criticisms of the Palestinians & everybody else—but tell us, do you have a view on whether arrest, torture and intimidation of journalists by Hamas & the PA “restrict journalists’ movements”? And if you do (I’m not assuming you do, mind) do you have a view on why Israel and only Israel should be harrassed by early day motions in the British Parliament?

  11. That would be a clever response—if it didn’t make you look like an ass.

    The burden of proof is on you, not me—but I very helpfully handed you the tools to attempt the job. You’re either too lazy to try or think you’re on a hiding to nothing. Either way there’s nothing to suggest a whiff of integrity, such as an answer to the two questions I asked you.

    • Right. That’s why you were so keen to score a point when you thought you could paint me as evasive.

      You’ve no idea whether the claim is correct: I’ve given you suggestions on where to start looking for answers. Do a bit of work.

  12. If I had a full answer at the tip of my tongue, I’d have given it to you. I doubt Israel’s completely innocent but it’s better than any other party to this conflict—which makes asking why Israel & not the PA or Hamas not a “moan” but a fair question. I can see you’re proud of the phrase tu quoque, but it’s not as obscure as you think it is and it’s not relevant to the situation. And, as I said from the get-go you could use your time to do some homework, rather than hanging out hear to tease & insinuate.

    Your problem, bollock, or one of them, is “I simply asked a question” doesn’t reconcile very well with “you’re unable to refute the claim.” Not my job. Refute it or prove it for yourself.

  13. I’ve understood you from the start, bollock—from your choice of screen name onward—and you’re going to have trouble getting around the ‘gotcha’ tone of “In short, you’re unable to refute the claim despite trying….Thanks for your input.”

    If what really matters to you is the answer to your question, why are you wasting so much time playing games here instead of digging for the answer?

  14. Done it is. Come back sometime, if you ever rouse yourself to research an answer to your most pressing enquiry.