CiF Watch Anniversary Open Thread: Four years of speaking truth to Guardian power


This week, CiF Watch celebrated its 4th anniversary.  

Though In recent years we have greatly increased our presence in the social media, launched a sister site, BBC Watch, improved our efficacy by establishing an affiliation with CAMERA, and started leveraging our experience to gain corrections to false claims made by the Guardian (and other UK sites), our primary mission remains the same.

In our inaugural post on Aug. 24, 2009 we announced our intention to monitor and combat antisemitism at the Guardian, and “to regularly post articles exposing the bigoted and one-sided nature of [their] obsessive focus on Israel and, by extension, the Jewish people.” We also asked followers of our blog to assist us in our mission, a partnership with our many loyal readers which is still central to effectively carrying out our vital work.  

So, please continue reaching out to us – by following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, or the ‘old fashioned’ way, by emailing us at – when you come across misleading, biased, or bigoted reports or commentaries at the Guardian or ‘Comment is Free’.

On the occasion of our anniversary, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the work we do, and how we can more effectively carry out our mission, and continue ‘afflicting the comfortable‘ by speaking truth to Guardian power.

Adam Levick, Managing Editor

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  1. An excellent 4-year investment of time and effort. I check for new posts everyday and hope to find at least one each time to re-post to Love of the Land where it will always meet a receptive audience. Wishing you continued success for many years to come.

  2. Congratulations to Adam and his team for lasting four years having to wade into the garbage pumped out by ‘The Guardian’ and particularly CiF above and below the line.

    I will not be surprised if in another four years the ‘dead-tree’ version of ‘The Guardian’ ceases to exist, but before anyone starts rejoicing, the digital version of ‘The Guardian’ will be if anything worse!
    Hopefully our Cousins over the pond where ‘The Guardian’ is staking its future will be able to choke it at birth. A good start would be to keep to a minimum any advertising revenue from the USA.

    • A good start would be to keep to a minimum any advertising revenue from the USA.

      Can’t see that happening in the near future. Or is the Anglican Lobby really that powerful?😉

      • “Can’t see that happening in the near future”
        I credit the American people with having a great deal of good sense.
        In the UK, to a certain extent, ‘The Guardian’ trades on its past history of decades ago being a reasonable newspaper.

        But pretzelberg if your first contact was with ‘The Guardian’ in its current form either in ‘dead-tree’ version or the even worse digital version, would you pay money to read it or advertise in it?

        And lets be fair pretzelberg if a bleeding heart liberal who leans toward the ‘pc brigade’ like yourself would not financially support it, why would anyone who is normal?

        • if a bleeding heart liberal who leans toward the ‘pc brigade’ like yourself would not financially support it, why would anyone who is normal

          Ha ha. I’ll take that as a compliment!

    • ” before anyone starts rejoicing, the digital version of ‘The Guardian’ will be if anything worse! ”

      CIF Guardian is attempting to be the liberal/lefty site in the world and the recent unparalleled publicity from the Greenwald affair has left CIFWatch floundering as to how to chip away at Everest. Asking folk to stop calling every new poster an anti semite might help.

      ” choke it at birth ”

      A sour and unhelpful way of considering the problem. Strangle the messenger ? Sometimes the IDF and Israeli politicians present an open goal. The Guardian will seek out any news of lapses of integrity and have been rewarded by a catalogue of examples.

      • Here we go again. Jasper creaming himself about the amazing kudos his beloved Guardian has gained as a result of the Greenwald/Miranda affair. Do I have to repeat what I said only yesterday about the rapid unravelling of their story?

        I also repeat what I said a while ago – if you are right, and the Guardian is becoming MORE powerful and MORE influential, then surely it is MORE important to hold it to account, as CifWatch and others are doing?

      • jasper,
        The only thing ‘liberal’ about the Guardian’s ME coverage is its liberal use of bias, rather than a neutral attempt at news reporting.

  3. The Guardian never ceases to give its pearls of wisdom to the “liberal progressive” crowd.
    Israel passes ‘evidence’ of chemical attack to US (naturally the word evidence is between speech marks – the Jews are liars as they know at the Guardian).
    Harriett Sherwood demonstrates her extreme ignorance and idiocy as usual:
    The 8200 unit of the Israeli Defence Forces, which specialises in electronic surveillance, intercepted a conversation between Syrian officials regarding the use of chemical weapons, an unnamed former Mossad official told Focus. The content of the conversation was relayed to the US, the ex-official said.
    The 8200 unit collects and analyses electronic data, including wiretapped telephone calls and emails. It is the largest unit in the IDF.

    First of all unit 8200 intercepts conversations between military personnel of hostile armies only, the soldiers serving in this unit are fluent in Arabic or Persian. But the real gem is the allegation that it is the biggest unit in the IDF According to dearest Harriett there are more IDF soldiers sitting in bases with earphones listening to Arabic language conversations than manning tanks, planes or serving in the infantry divisions.
    Harriett you are a very lucky person considering the fact that suffering from acute and chronic stupidity doesn’t cause physical pain, you should limit your journalistic activity to report on sufferings of the Israeli chickens in China or the progress in GPS technology and geographical coordinates…

    • “the Jews are liars as they know at the Guardian”

      These unlinked and vague snears at the Guardian cheapen the site. To suggest the paper has a policy that Jews are liars is risible .

      For what its worth I like CIFWatch and am pleased it lasted . The moderation at CIF is patronising and there are better arguments here. I am also surprised it lasted four years …without adverts…but I am too polite to ask Adam what sinister organisations fund him and whats the story about the haircut?

      • I clearly noted in the post that we’re a CAMERA affiliated site. Plus, it says so in the graphic on the right side of our home page. No mystery there.

      • As I disclosed the secret for your brother of thousand moniker already – Cifwatch is financed by the WZC (World Zionist Conspiracy) funded by the Federal Reserve secret fund, the Jewish bankers, the Jewish media moguls, the illegal trade with the organs harvested from the victims of the Haitian earthquake and the Palestinians living in the occupied territories, the trade with the blood of the children of Gaza every Passover, and the income from Adam Levick’s outlet selling stolen Palestinian falafel. I hope my answer will satisfy you and the subject can be closed.

      • ask Adam what sinister organisations fund him

        Oh good lord, “jasper” isn’t that twerp “sanity” is it?

        • Mea culpa cba, I confused the father of thousand personalities with the mother of a million perversion.

    • It seems like she was trying to slyly weave the Greenwald/NSA wiretapping narrative into the ‘revelation’. .

    • naturally the word evidence is between speech marks – the Jews are liars as they know at the Guardian

      Oh come on, peter. That’s just silly.

        • Seriously, peter: you know it’s nonsense to suggest that the Guardian considers Jews to be liars. So why post such a silly comment?

          • I agree pretzel, even they didn’t have anything about Jews on their homepage
            two weeks ago on Tuesday.

  4. Congratulations on four successful years. It’s been a few years since I first linked to this site through EoZ, and since, it has been the one site I rarely go through a day without checking. You must have something going for you. Thank you for your dedication.

  5. I echo the congratulations – and the gratitude. You do a very good and important job. I for one have learned a great deal since first logging on here. Keep up the good work.

  6. Are there any British readers who can comment on the state of the Guardian and Independent in Britain? Is their reporting accepted as accurate by most?

    • Dave to answer your first question last.
      Very few people take newspapers as accurate sources of information, but, they do poison the well. Which is why Adam’s work is needed.

      As for the state of both newspapers. The last ABC figures (circulation) are these.
      “The Guardian” 191,182 down 8.68% year on year
      “The Independent” 72,271 down 13.57% year on year.

    • “Is their reporting accepted as accurate by most?”

      In the UK both are thought pretty accurate although many posters here would disagree. The Guardian was always held up as the most accurate paper until Israel was formed and many who had been supporters of the Guardian suddenly discovered it had been an illiberal lying, virtually communist rag all along!

      My beef is that it underplays British violence and overexamines Israel’s. Here we are the risible Elmer Ffudd himself Hague about to tip sides in a brutal civil war . Imagine if it was Israel . The threads would be humming.

  7. Congratulations! Even if nothing that’s said here affects the Guardian in any significant way, you’ve done a great service by bearing witness to what the Guardian has become in relation to Israel and Jews. I’ve said this in other posts, but I’ll repeat it again- most of the anti-Israel scumbags who post here are not worth responding to. On occasion, there will be someone who might be anti-Israel in outlook, but somewhat willing to consider other viewpoints. Those individuals are rare, and the others should be ignored.

  8. Congratulations on four years of exposing the Guardian for what it is; a hate filled tool used to bash freedom, bash the West and bash Israel. I wish you continued success over the next 4 years. May the light continue shine from cifwatch and to expose and put an end to the hate filled propaganda emanating from the Guardian (and truth is the only disinfectant). You are the disinfectant. Keep up the great work and for continued success over the next four and. May peace reign despite the antisemitic propaganda that has poisoned and penetrated those with the most responsibility to be honest. Keep exposing the media bias and let the truth reign!

  9. Mazal tov on 4 excellent years of exposing the bias and racism towards Israel that appears in CiF and also in the Guardian’s main paper. May you continue to grow and influence, שתלכו מחיל אל חיל (may you become ever stronger) until 120!

    This site, along with Honest Reporting, influenced me to start my own blog, and you have been kind enough both to cross-post several of my posts as well as to link to me and retweet me regularly. I highly appreciate your generosity and hope that I can continue to contribute to the fight against online anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias.

  10. ” You are the disinfectant. .. ”

    I think there are some analogies that should be avoided. Any references to medical supplies, office equipment and cleaning fluids are not as flattering as is widely supposed.

    As to the article the expression ” speaking truth to Guardian power ” is a little theatrical and conspiracist ..the very thing CIFWatch acuses Guardinistas of. It is hardly an effective power. It is a paper.. you can choose to read it or you can put it down.

    There are other kinds of power that leave entire cities in rubble needlessly. I think an understanding of power wrt human life is lacking here.

  11. I have no problem with favoring specific positions and views, as long as they’re backed up with facts. CiF’s problem is not the former, but it’s definitely got a very bad history with the latter. That’s where CiF Watch is providing a very valuable service of records in the effort to put the search for truth front and center. Glad it’s been here for 4 years, and looking forward to many more lie-busting years to come.