Sounds Israeli: Idan Amedi

Idan Amedi was discovered in the eighth season of the Israeli show “A Star is Born” (Kokhav Nolad) and, in a short period of time, managed to conquer the Israeli charts with songs such as “Soldier’s pain”, “Tashlich”, “Running to the light”, and “to you”. His singles have won “Song of the year” and “Breakthrough act of the year”.

Here’s a couple of videos of his hits, Bazman Ha’Acharon and Nigmar:

* This post was updated to add the video for Bazman Ha’Acharon

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  1. I don’t get it. In Hebrew, the song is called ‘Nigmar’ – not Suddenly or Recently..
    Nice song tho’ – toda raba.

  2. “On the way home we stopped in the Falafel stall in the corner,
    And the people there stared and clapped their hands,
    ‘our heroes’ they said with love.
    And I’m standing there hiding,
    It’s overwhelms me to be the one who guards.
    And between bites a thought creeps in my head,
    Heck, how many heroes this country has!

    …There’s one state next to Jerusalem,
    Where a war still rages on.
    Because people there loses their eyes,
    They don’t wait for heroes in every corner.”