Israeli Declaration of Independence read by David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948

As Israel celebrates its 65 birthday today, here’s David Ben-Gurion’s full reading of the Declaration of Independence in Tel-Aviv, on the 5th day of Iyar, 5708 (14th May, 1948).

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  1. The resurrection of Israel and the modern state’s rapid development have been amazing.
    Keep it going, people.😉

  2. I think the main example which is true for the entire human race is “Im Tirtzu ein zo agada” which roughly translate to “If you want it it will become a reality”.

    Our ability to achieve the impossible against all odds when we combine our efforts, as was the case with Israel, should be an example to all the people and all the nations.

    Together we can make this place a better place.