Sounds Israeli: Rita

This week’s ‘Sounds Israeli’ features Rita (Rita Yahan-Farouz), the wildly popular Iranian-born Israeli musician and actress.

The most recent album by the 50-year-old singer, ‘My Joy’ (released in 2011), consisted of traditional Persian songs, and, besides turning gold in Israel, reportedly became an underground hit on underground radio stations in some Muslim countries, including Iran.

Here’s Rita singing a song from ‘My Joy’, titled ‘Shane’.

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  1. I interviewed her last month for The Jewish Adovocate and she told me that there had been at that point about half-a-million downloads of her album just from Iran. She also mentioned that after her performance at the U.N. General Assembly, that she learned that the Iranian delegation had taken four tickets!

  2. You forgot to mention that this is from “a star is born 9” the israeli version of the x factor. ..
    So the crowd is a mix of all israelis.