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Over 100 reader comments using the term “ZioNazi” not deleted at ‘Comment is Free’

In our last post we noted that ‘Comment is Free’ moderators failed to promptly remove a comment, under a recent thread, which included the term “ZioNazis” – a vile epithet fancied by extremists which certainly seems to violate CiF’s community standards.

In fact, here are a few relevant passages from a Guardian page titled ‘Community standards and participation guidelines: 10 guidelines which we expect all participants in the Guardian’s community areas to abide by’. (Emphasis by the Guardian)

We welcome debate and dissent, but personal attacks (on authors, other users or any individual), persistent trolling and mindless abuse will not be tolerated. The key to maintaining the Guardian website as an inviting space is to focus on intelligent discussion of topics.

We understand that people often feel strongly about issues debated on the site, but we will consider removing any content that others might find extremely offensive or threatening. Please respect other people’s views and beliefs and consider your impact on others when making your contribution.

We will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or other forms of hate-speech, or contributions that could be interpreted as such. We recognise the difference between criticising a particular government, organisation, community or belief and attacking people on the basis of their race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.


If a contribution to the Guardian website is perceived as breaching the community guidelines set out above, then it will be removed by the community team.

Participants who seriously, persistently or wilfully ignore the community standards, participation guidelines or terms and conditions will have their posting privileges for all the Guardian community areas withdrawn.

However, a bit of research has revealed that use of the term “ZioNazi” was not a one-off at ‘Comment is Free’.  A search of ‘user contributions’ at the Guardian resulted in over 100 additional examples (dating back to 2006) of the abusive term not being deleted. 


While some of the commenters were being sarcastic, and using the term to mock some of the extreme anti-Zionists found routinely at CiF, most were clearly using it literally as a form of abuse against Zionists. Here are examples from three different threads, in Dec. and Jan.




Those familiar with our work at CiF Watch would understand that CiF moderators often demonstrate egregious double standards when determining which comments get deleted, and whose user privileges are suspended.  While there are indeed many grey areas where reasonable people can disagree over whether a term is offensive and morally beyond the pale, the word ‘ZioNazi’ – evoking the ugly, antisemitic comparison between the Jewish state and Nazi Germany – is inconsistent with even the broadest understanding of ‘Comment is Free’ community standards.

As much as it may strain credulity, let’s remember that the Guardian still claims that their “centre of gravity as a progressive, liberal, left-leaning newspaper is clear.”

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  1. You won’t be deleted or pre-moderated (as happened to me, for what reason, I cannot imagine for the life of me, as I have never used any kind of offensive langauge against, or otherwise insulted, anybody) if you use the vilest slurs imaginabel, but ALWAYS direct them at Israel, then you can rave and rant like a nutter as much as you like – it will always be considered ‘poltically-correct’ by the ‘progressive’ Guardian moderators.
    (I voluntarily cancelled my CiF comment account after being put on pre-moderation without conceivable justification or explanation. I don’t need to be treated like that. You can’t reason with them anyway.)

    • I have studied the relationship between Zionism and Nazism before during and after WWII. Since my studies I combined the two words and my comments based on facts have been regularly and often deleted. Contrary to the will of the person and people that have banned the combination of the words, combining Zionist and Nazi truthfully defines a sick perverted cabal that has monopolized the US monetary system, deals weapons to tyrannical dictators, and profits from war. They are not a religion nor race, they are a powerful evil cult of infinite greed. Such a ban is in itself racist, bigoted and defending this evil by not allowing the truth to be spoken makes the persons behind the ban accomplices to their crimes against humanity. It is undeniable fact that Wall Street backed Hitler partially because they feared people in Russia who followed the philosophy taken up by a Jew by the name of Karl Marx. I ask the writer of this article to watch “Banking with Hitler”, for free on Youtube or on Topdocumentaryfilms(dot)com. I ask you kindly to consider the Haavara Agreement between the Third Reich and the Zionists. I ask you to consider the fact that bankers and owners of the military industrial complex profited from the Holocaust as well as all the carnage of WWI and WWII. I do not deny that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust the way that certain Zionists deny that somewhere from 50 to 80 million people died as a result of WWII which they profited from. I encourage real Jews who know that certain Zionist bankers profited from the Holocaust and WWII as well as all people who believe in peace, justice and humanity to use the banned term as often as possible. I ask all people to repeat using the banned term and to inform all their friends and acquaintances asking them to also use the term whenever possible until the people that monopolized our monetary system and instigate continuous war are taken out of power and brought to justice.

  2. Far from straining credulity, I would say that The Guardian’s toleration of the ‘zionazi’ epithet is proof positive of its being a “progressive, liberal, left-leaning newspaper”.

  3. Hmmm. I notice that the frequent name calling of ‘herr’ and ‘adolf’ to address anyone who criticises Israeli policy don’t get deleted. More hypocrisy.

      • Well of course it is not acceptable to people who act like and profit from being what the word you can’t accept means. If you are not one of them you would not take offense. Study the Haavara Agreement, watch the documentary “Banking with Hitler”. Zionists are in fact the most offensive Anti-Semitics of all time. What the people who are the combination of Zionist and Nazi have done and continue to do is not acceptable. By your denial of known fact and truth you are an accomplice to those people that the banned term defines shame on you SHAME SHAME SHAME!

        • Ken Driessen (oh sorry, is it “atliberty2” now? So hard to keep track).

          You are a dispicable excuse for a human being, and your ramblings bear no relation to the real world.

          Perhaps you’d be more at home with your fellow tin-foil hatters at Stormfront?

          • Perhaps you can explain the Haavara Agreement to me? Maybe you can tell me who Erhard Milch was? A Jew is the founder of Wikipedia maybe you should go there and try and convince him to remove the fact that 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homeland in 1947 to start Apartheid criminal Israel synagogue of Satan nation? Don’t you know that real Jews in Israel protest against the Zionist bankster cabal? Don’t you know that most Jews in the US are liberal progressive and humanists who want to see peace between Israel and Palestine and would be willing to grant Palestine nation status? Yes it is just like a Z-N to call somebody they think is a goyim a despicable excuse of a human. Gey cocken afin yam

            • most Jews in the US are liberal progressive and humanists who want to see peace between Israel and Palestine and would be willing to grant Palestine nation status

              Most Jews in Israel want to see peace between Israel and Palestine and would be willing to grant Palestine nation status. Provided that status wasn’t intended to be a launching pad for wiping out Israel.

              a goyim

              The ignorance is astounding.

    • BS, herr Alex. Those names are used for contumacious Jew-haters like you. If you don’t want to be called an anti-Semite, just don’t write like one.

      • Now please tell me which Jews I am supposed to hate in order not to be anti-Semitic. It it the Khazars or is it the Ashkenazim or is it the Semitic? Ah am I supposed to hate Karl Marx and then I’m a good Jew or Goy? Or am I supposed to love Leo Strauss? What if I think Leon Trotski was a great Jew? Oh I am so anti-Semitic then ha ha ha…

        • Hey, weren´t you alberty2 whatever? Listen, you are supposed to eat your own crap, moron. Now, go!

      • Once they give up apartheid I’m all for Israel. Yes Sigmund Freud was Jewish yet certain Jews cannot recognize their projection. I agree ignorance here is astounding. According to the Torah, Adam and Eve and every human is a Jew, so by telling of hate and subversion I am accused of hate. A certain sect of elitist Jews ignore history to embrace hate, act hated and oppressed while oppressing the entire planet including a majority of Jews. You have Christians and Muslims believing in your g-d but that is not enough for those of you who demand your superiority. You must listen again the Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’ speech, I don’t hate you, I debate you. To me “Zionist-Nazi” means monetary system monopolizing, weapons dealing, war profiteering cult cabal. If you are Jewish I don’t think this ZN word should offend you one bit. If it does, please look deep into your heart and soul. Then join humanity. Don’t follow those who have perverted humanity. Just a suggestion, good day to you all. I have spoken my piece and now I leave your Cif web space so you can ponder among yourselves. Shalom

  4. I have just written to the Guardian.

    Having just been through a whole complaints issue with our own ABC- Australian Broadcasting Commission, I feel I need to make a comment here in regards to these so-called moderators. I am more than pleased to say I WON too. Our Board of Deputies is very pleased with the win too.

    The Moderators don’t read every comment. Comments are only checked when they are reported as problematic. Below is part of their reply. My complaint was not in regards to one specific word, but to entire comments.

    “The Editor of The Drum notes that given the sometimes extraordinarily high number of comments posted to articles on The Drum, the moderators are required to make rapid-fire judgments about what should or should not be published. Moderating these comments is difficult and the moderators seek to strike a balance between maintaining freedom of speech, particularly political speech and ensuring that comments are justified by the editorial context

  5. CiF moderators often demonstrate egregious double standards when determining which comments get deleted

    I’ll say this for CiFWatch: it’s an equal-opportunity low-censor setup, i.e. from outright vomit-inducing anti-Semitism to hyper-Israeli-nationalist anti-Arab sentiment.

  6. Ofcourse the Guaridan wont delete the comments.
    They would lose 80% of their readership if they did that.

    It would be like someone telling the KKK to stop buring crosses in front of Black holmes.

    • Oh yeah, that would be like calling truetorahjews(dot)com anti-Semitic How about calling jewsnotzionists(dot)org anti-semitic? That would be like calling the Jews that died in the Holocaust anti-semitic. It is no secret that a certain sect of Zionist Jews, dominate world banking and weapons industries. Real Jews like Norman Finkelstein and Gilead Atzmon speak out against the Israel apartheid. Yep what lovely Lisa says is like calling Karl Marx the biggest anti-Semitic of all time. 80% of Guardian readers could not be one one hundredth as anti-Semitic as the bankers who financed Hitler to quash Jews who joined the Bolshevik revolution.

  7. A search for “Islamofascist” reveals 26 posts, virtually every one of them either using the term in quotation marks, or questioning the validity of the term.

    The Cif moderators are clearly under Guardian instructions to remove any reference to Islamofascism, while the term Zionazi is allowable. However much they try, the Guardian can’t quite hide its anti-Semitic underbelly. The tell-tale signs keep peeping through.

    • That’s odd, Andy. Cos when I did a search for “islamofascism” a few days ago, I got 31 pages of posts!

      • Just did it again. 3,044 posts containing the word “islamofascist” and a further 1,577 mentions of “islamofascism”. Only 114 mentions of “zionazi”.

        Look, I support CifWatch and its work. I just think Adam’s got this one wrong.

    • Wall Street’s backing and banking of Hitler is well proven fact. The Haavara Agreement between Hitler and the Zionists is a historical Fact. Banking with Hitler is a documentary film produced by BBC. By denying the fact that Zionist Wall Street Jews and Zionists settling in Palestine profited from the Holocaust of 6 million common working Jews and Jews who sided with communism against capitalist war pigs is anti-Semitic. Ignoring the FACT that WWII claimed the lives of between 50 and 80 million people so a monetary system monopolizing, war profiteering cult cabal could reap war booty makes makes such a denier of fact an accomplice to the combination of the Zionist and Nazi term and that is why it offends them.

      • Really. Repeating the same fanatical conspiracy theories three times in 20 minutes doesn’t make them any less barking, you know!

        Back to Stormfront you go now, little loony.

        • Back to the Haavara Agreement with you. Back to the Synagogue of SATAN with you. Go tell real Jews your line of bunk: truetorahjews(dot)com jewsnotzionists(dot)org I am in no way a “white” supremacist and of course facts seem loony to someone that fits the ZN meaning 100% and I’m not talking New Zealand here buddy. An ad hominem attack, ignoring the facts of the Haavara Agreement and the “neutrality” of the bankers during WWII and all the facts that point to a monetary system weapons dealing war profiteering cabal that would sell their own mamma to Hitler for a shekel stand as fact. When FACTS are dismissed as a conspiracy theory the person behind behind such form of denial is most likely an accomplice to the crime those facts clearly define. The shame is upon you. Ess drek und shtarbn kinish.

          • Is Ken Driessen/atliberty2 really complaining he’s been subjected to an “ad hominem attack”?

            I wonder what he considers his own epithets to be.

            • Ah sorry SirJew, I always thought the great Charlie Chaplin was Jewish and I love his great humanistic work and how he championed the cause of the European common Jews who did suffer even if I though I thought him to be Jewish. I just googled and went to went to “Jewish Quarterly” on line and read that they state Chaplin was not Jewish. “He is perhaps one of the most famous Jews in American history hence it is all the more surprising to learn that he was not, in fact, Jewish.” I stand corrected…

              • Hey, sock-puppeteer, didn’t you say you were leaving? Please go, a spare us your patronizing, imbecilic and ignorant BS. Just go. And take “Ken Dresser” with your.

                What an amazing turd!

    • I love Charlie Chaplin, I love what Friedrich Engles and Karl Marx accomplished together, I love Amy Goodman, I love Leon Trotski, I love Noam Chomski, I love Emma Goldman. Although you may have been offended by what I wrote, I debated and I never mentioned one of your handles or Internet names here once to criticize you personally, except in Yiddish. It appears that the people I am debating with here error greatly because it is a fact that Arabs are a Semitic speaking people. There are many smart wonderful Jews on this planet, it seems that none of them gather and type comments here.

      • Who gives a sh*t, Ken Dresser? You can love goats and camels too. Still, you are a lunatic Jew-hater. BTW, Chaplin wasn’t Jewish. And your hero, Stalin, was a true anti-Semite or, if you prefer, JEW-HATER. Just like you.

        Piss off, moron.