Is the Guardian awol at #AIPAC2013?

Last year, the Guardian’s Chris McGreal, their Washington correspondent (previously assigned to Jerusalem) who was singled out by the CST in their 2011 report on antisemitic discourse in the UK, covered the annual AIPAC conference, published several reports and tweeted his contempt for the ‘power’ of the pro-Israel lobby with abandon.

Here’s one of his tweets:

Here’s one of his retweets:

This year, however, there has been no sign of the Guardian’s journalistic/activist footprint at the 2013 AIPAC Conference in Washington.  (McGreal is still reporting on US politics, but now appears to be stationed in Portland, Oregon. However, a quick glimpse at his Tweets indicate he still has Israel on his mind.)

I’ve scoured the Guardian and ‘Comment is Free’ and couldn’t find a thing. I placed “AIPAC” in their search engine and came up with seven hits for January, but nothing since Jan. 20 – a piece by Harriet Sherwood.

One possibly complicating factor may be the fact that Glenn Greenwald, one of those who, even by Guardian standards, most acutely suffers from Israel-lobby-phobia, is on vacation.  Similarly, Harriet Sherwood appears to have been away from her desk, as she hasn’t published since Feb. 17.

The conference, which began on March 3, ends tomorrow so it’s possible there’s something in the works but, given the Guardian’s fixation on Jewish power, it’s surprising they’ve been silent until now.

If any of our fellow ‘hasbarafia’ friends see any sign of the Guardian at the ‘Zionist Lair’ in DC, in the social media (or anywhere in print or online), please let us know.

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  1. Im amazed he didn’t touch the Turkey press conference or Netanyahou’s hint regarding Polard…

  2. Don’t worry there are enough nasty non-journos at AIPAC. They seem to be feeding MJRosenberg enough bile to keep him tweeting his evil

  3. Clearly the global Jewish cabal have McGreal and Sherwood locked away in a Swiss bank vault.

    As for Erdogan’s appalling statement re. Zionism: clearly the global Turkish cabal have likewise silenced all CiF contributors on that front.

  4. I think it is more a reflection of a recognition of AIPAC’s inexorable slide into irrelevance as younger Jews increasingly become more solution orientated and reject AIPAC’s racism.

    • What’s the smiley icon when you laugh quietly with a sniff while dropping your chin and shaking your head?

      As I just did.

      • Relax Pretz your Hasborafia credentials are securely established. You can afford to take a day off.

        • You’ve said the same before re. a completely different post.

          Which makes you a troll.

          What is “Hasborafia” anyway?

          • Someone please get this troll, and his links removed.
            I think we’ve had enough of that freakshow…

            • That was of course aimed at “Armbach” — though this post, and the preceding one can now be deleted, since his squeals have been expunged.

        • Your problem, Dickie A, is that your creds as a water carrier for anti-Semites and other disgusting types are securely established. Your own thinking has been a bit too relaxed and atrophy has set in.

    • AIPAC’s racism? What do you do, just take any individual or organization you don’t approve of and attach the word ‘racism’ to it? That’s not just stupid, it’s getting old. Your type of thinking does more to advance racism than to stop it. Idiot.

  5. Hi Adam,

    Two more topics that were not mentioned in the Guardian:
    Jobar Synagogue attack – every small scratch on a Church or Mosque in Israel is amplified in the G as a “Tag Mehir” Jewish violence, but the destruction of a 2000 years old Synagogue isn’t worth a tweet.
    Same goes for the rocket loanched at southern Israel. Again, complete silence.

  6. How many Muslims have been killed by Muslims this week in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen? How many have been killed by Jews? Numbers please.