2013 minus 1965 equals 48 years of Fatah terrorism

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As Hadar Sela noted, the BBC erroneously reported that Fatah celebrated its 48th anniversary, at a huge rally in Gaza on Friday, when, in fact – as the group was founded in 1959 – 2013 marks 54 years since the birth of the Palestinian group.

However, it has indeed been 48 years since one particular event in Fatah history.

Sela wrote:

“What Fatah is in fact celebrating is the 48thanniversary of its first armed attack on Israel which took place on January 1st 1965.”

Interestingly, while other news sites also curiously got the political math wrong, the Guardian got it right, before getting it wrong, in an Agency report titled Mass rally in Gaza to support Palestinian President’s Fatah faction, Jan. 4.

First, there was this:

“Throngs camped out overnight in a downtown Gaza square to ensure themselves a spot for the anniversary commemoration of Fatah’s 1959 founding, and tens of thousands marched early Friday, carrying yellow Fatah banners.”

Later in the same piece, there was this:

“The demonstration marked 48 years since Fatah’s founding as the spearhead of the Palestinians’ fight against Israel.”

Indeed, in only 48 (or 54) years, Fatah has achieved so much.


“Fatah’s armed units such as the Tanzim, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, and Force 17 have organized, coordinated and carried out hundreds of terrorist attacks against civilians.

During the second intifada, Fatah Tanzim and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claimed responsibility for over 300 attacks in which civilians were killed, and according to Israeli authorities, Fatah-linked groups have attempted or carried out more than 1,500 attacks. (International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)”

Elder of Ziyon posted some photos from the joyous festivities in Gaza.


As usual, Fatah created a decidedly family-friendly event:

Fatah 1

Fatah 9

Sela noted that among those terror leaders praised by the “moderate” Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, “were Hamas founders Ahmed Yassin and Abed Aziz al Rantissi as well as the founder of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Fathi Shiqaqi“.

The frequently shrill, often unserious and increasingly hysterical warnings about Israel’s supposed dangerous move to the right – parroted most recently by the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland – is almost entirely devoid of context regarding a sclerotic Palestinian political culture which hasn’t even marginally moved beyond the glorification of violence and demonization of Jews.   

It’s truly baffling why so many sensitive souls who advocate on behalf of Palestinians don’t recoil in the face of such political pathos, and evidently can’t empathize with the large majority of Israelis who hesitate to midwife a new state on its eastern border which will, in all likelihood, continue to be compromised by such a reactionary, racist and terrorist ethos.  

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    • Moral equivalence crap. It was Likud that made peace with Egypt and Jordan. You are beginning to sound like “ariel/nat/whatever”. That’s the result of your freakish PC mania.

    • “2013 minus 1965 equals 48 years of Likud insisting on Israel from the river to the sea.”
      Should Likud ever hold a mass rally celebrating the anniversary of its first attack on Palestine and it gets reported as a celebration of the anniversary of Likud’s founding, feel free, at that time, to chime in.

  1. yeah – one side wants to rid Jews completely from the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan, and the other side believes Jews have the right to live in that small area of land. Surely, morally equivalent positions.

        • I thought making analogies with Nazis was off limits in forums where antisemitism is concerned. Perhaps the moderators can clarify?

          • Really? Why didn’t you raise the issue when “prof” sencar compared Israel to nazi Germany? You seem to have a weird selectivy sensitivity.

          • I didn’t see it. Send me the link and I’ll happily criticise it there, too.

            I would like the moderators’ opinion, too.

          • “I thought making analogies with Nazis was off limits in forums where antisemitism is concerned.”
            When the people being talked about are totalitarian fascist genocidal anti-Semites, then its O.K. to call them Nazis. I hope I’ve cleared that up for you, oh great vigilante of of anti-racism.

            • But a lot of people seem to think that Israel behaves like Nazi Germany, as in racial purity, be careful who you marry, chuck out those who don’t fit in, forced deportations, massacres.
              But it must be down to all those lies in the Guardian?

  2. You didn’t see it?? Now, isn’t that special?. I thought you were such a committed blog-cop roaming about the net to fetch evil racists. This blog is visited by a known bunch of contumacious anti-Semites and you NEVER EVER complained about them. Why is that? It looks like hypocrisy and double standards.ou

    • This blog is visited by a known bunch of contumacious anti-Semites and you NEVER EVER complained about them.

      On the contrary. Many, many times.
      You must know that. So why do you lie?