The Guardian’s Bibi will scare your children

In May we posted about unflattering photos of Bibi Netanyahu which the Guardian used to illustrate stories about Israel.

Well, “unflattering” is not a fair characterization.  To be more accurate, I’d say that he looks downright dangerous, indeed a menace.

As one of the photos highlighted in our post, taken by EPA’s Jim Hollander, was used again recently in a story by Harriet Sherwood, I decided to see how frequently the Guardian used it by doing a simple Google search using the photo’s URL. Here are my results.

That’s seven times in less than two and a half years.

However, the Guardian occasionally deviates from their routine and uses this photo by Hollander instead.

However, upon viewing additional photos of Netanyahu taken by Hollander I guess we should feel lucky the Guardian hasn’t published this one, used by a Swedish paper to illustrate a story in 2009 about the Aftonbladet organ harvesting libel.

Finally, while we’re on the topic of organ harvesting charges against Israel, here’s a Guardian story featuring that tireless defender of liberal values who, in his spare time, advances the medieval blood libel by accusing Jews (in poetry and in prose!) of using the blood of children to bake their “holy bread”.

Raed Salah looks like a lovely man.

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  1. Know what you mean Adam. To be fair we have always been careful to use the most flattering pics of you we could find. See our facebook page.

  2. The Guardian’s support of Raeed Salah was one of the low points of British journalism. That a so-called liberal newspaper would defend a racist is almost unbelievable. It shows just what a stinking pit the Guardian now lives in. It has become a truly anti-semitic paper, and I can’t wait for it’s circulation to dwindle to zero.

  3. No point in beating around the bush when it comes to McGreal. By now he’s a well-known hack with not the slightest concern over honesty or integrity, a long-time antiSemite, and basically a pathetic lying sack of shit.

      • pretz,

        I would agree with you about the first photo used. The second seems to me unflattering, and Aftonblatt photo, especially coupled with the accompanying story, downright anti-Semitic.

        As for Raed Salah, a razor, eyebrow trimmer, and tooth paste are in order.

        • Jeff,

          you have the right to think that Bibi does not look good or is not handsome enough for you.

          However there’s nothing the Guardian can do about it. They’re not a Hollywood studio, they’re a journalistic institution. They take photos of people and publish them.

        • So as regards the Guardian, we have a) an inconspicuous pic and b) an unflattering one.

          This CiFwatch headline “The Guardian’s Bibi will scare your children” is just preposterous.

          • @ Adam Levick

            Light-hearted maybe – but this article is based on something that simply isn’t there, i.e. the notion that the first image of Bibi makes him look menacing.