Following our post, Guardian amends story claiming Hezbollah drone was shot down over Palestinian territory

On Oct. 14 we posted about a Guardian video story on Oct. 12 which falsely claimed that the Hezbollah drone which flew into Israel on Oct. 6 was shot down by the IDF over “Palestinian” territory.

Note the text on the screen (a screen shot from the original Guardian video) claiming that the drone was shot down over “Palestinian territory”.

However, the drone, which was launched from Lebanon, was not shot down over Palestinian territory.  

As we noted at the time, the UAV traveled down the Mediterranean coast before crossing into Israel from Gaza. Then, it traveled east across Israel’s Negev desert, and was shot down above the Yatir Forest – south of the border with the West Bank, clearly inside Israel.

Here’s a map we included in our post.

A = Israeli Yatir Forrest

Towards the end of our post, we asked readers to contact Chris Elliott, the Guardian’s Readers’ Editor, to point out the error.

It just came to our attention that on Oct. 17, a few days after our post, the Guardian corrected their error.  Here’s the text from their ‘Corrections and Clarifications‘ page.

Here’s a sincere thanks to those of you who heeded our suggestion and alerted the Guardian about their mistake.

(Final note: On the same Guardian ‘Corrections‘ page linked to above, there is another correction based on a CiF Watch report, concerning a false claim by ‘CiF’ columnist John Pilger about the death toll during the Gaza War.)

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  1. Drones are at the cutting edge of technology. Out of interest could someone please tell me more about this Drone, how did Hezbollah get hold of such sophisticated machinery, its capabilities, who supplied it, who was flying it, any images etc.


    • “However, the drone, which was launched from Lebanon, was not shot down over Palestinian territory. (…) It traveled east across Israel’s Negev desert, and was shot down above the Yatir Forest – south of the border with the West Bank, clearly inside Israel.”

      At last! Adam Levick officially acknowledges that the West Bank is in the Palestinian territory, not in Israel.

      • Goof, Not being in Israel does not make it in Palestine, or is LA in Palestine?

        It is a part of the disputed teritories which every one agrees on except Hamas, hizb, Iran and their likes. They claim that even what we do acknowledge as Israel is in fact Palestine.

  2. Congratulations to those whose dogged diligence force the Guardian’s correction. But of course the larger question here is why the Guardian continues to publish falsehoods about Israel, sometimes so gross and blatant that they themselves have to know they’re lying.
    I think we all have a sense that basically they’re just insecure assholes, Leftists who seem these days to feel it’s fashionable (if not true or rational) to embrace an Israel-bashing agenda and write bigoted biased nonsense to try desperately to gain some approbation from their from their fellow travelers among global Leftists who applaud this racist hatespeech (but ONLY if directed @ Israel!).
    And if what they write just isn’t true, so what–the Guardian types have long ago renounced any claim to legitimate credible journalism in favor of a hateful advocacy position against democratic little Israel. Even if occasionally the diligence of Adam and his merry band of CIF watchers get the Guardian to publish some (reluctant) partial retraction, the damage has already been done by having the lie seen by many thousands of readers, most of whom will never see the rare retraction or amending when they’re called on their lying.
    Seems like lying on important issues is a very successful ploy these days–look @ Obama!

  3. The correction is hardly prominent and doesn’t change the behaviour of Press Propagandists. You didn’t even notice the change at first and you watch the Guardian website more than most.