Harriet Sherwood mocks Bibi, yet respectfully cites the sage analysis of “journalist” Joseph Dana

I had to remind myself as I was reading Harriet Sherwood’s latest Guardian entry – openly mocking the Israeli Prime Minister – that it was not published at ‘Comment is Free’, and that it is supposed to be a serious news report.

In ‘Binyamin Netanyahu’s UN bomb triggers derision and admiration’, September 30th, Sherwood – commenting on PM Netanyahu’s speech to the UN in which he used a diagram of a bomb to highlight Iran’s quest to build a nuclear device – writes:

“It was certainly explosive, but did it bomb? Binyamin Netanyahu‘s show-stopping stunt at the UN general assembly went instantly viral, with memes, remixes and scathing tweets spreading across the internet like shrapnel. But while the ridicule quota was high, there was also admiration.

Twenty-five minutes into his address, the Israeli prime minister reached under the podium and pulled out a folded card. “This is a bomb,” he announced – words which in other circumstances might have led to security guards tackling him to the ground.

It was, rather, a crude cartoon of a bomb, complete with fuse, which Netanyahu rather unnecessarily pointed out: “This is a fuse.” He then talked through the three stages of uranium enrichment necessary before it could become a real bomb.

Finally in a moment of eye-popping theatricality, he produced a marker pen. After a summer of prodding, pleading, wheedling and commanding the president of the United States to publicly declare a red line for Iran‘s nuclear programme, Bibi was taking over the drawing board.

“Where should the red line be drawn?” he asked with a rhetorical flourish. Head bent towards his diagram, pen in hand, he went on: “The red line should be drawn right here.” And there it was, a thick, shockingly bright red line, across the 90% mark on Iran’s nuclear bomb.”

Then, in an apparent attempt to capture the mood of the ‘progressive’ street,  Sherwood adds:

“WE HAVE ACTUAL RED LINES,” tweeted the journalist Joseph Dana.  “Netanyahu is beyond parody at this point.”

So it appears that Joseph Dana, at some point, was promoted to the position of “journalist” by the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent.  

Dana, as we’ve noted previously, describes himself as a Jew who was brought up in America in a “Zionist indoctrination programme” but who was able to free himself from its iron grip.  He lived in Israel for six years but later moved to Ramallah where, unrestrained by the stifling fumes of Jewish nationalism, he finally was free to explore his Jewish identity with his evidently philosemitic Palestinian friends.

Here’s the video. (H/T Richard Millett)

 Dana’s keen journalistic instincts about Iran and Israel were on full display at the Aug. 14th book launch in Jerusalem for ‘After Zionism’, which I attended (and live Tweeted from).  He claimed, during the Q & A, that the “Iranian nuclear issue is manufactured by Israel to divert attention away from the occupation, and the media falls for it.”

One might be tempted to characterize Dana as an anti-Zionist Jew “beyond parody”. 

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  1. Goodness Adam, don’t you ever get tired of reading her excoriating anti Israel/Jewish diatribes? you must have the most mind destroying job in the world! Maybe Sherwood will also jump the line to forever live in Ramallah from where she can tweet to her hearts content from beneath her Hijab.

      • Adam Levick is an adult with the ability to express himself in a logical and cogent manner.

        Nat you are not and cannot.


  2. BTW, as a parent I feel for Joseph Dana’s parents who must be so disappointed in their misinformed son! What a shame to spend your life instilling certain moral values and principles in your child only to find his brains are addled!

  3. I look at people like young Mr. Dana and I scratch my head. How destructive. Here we have a thriving country, successful beyond the wildest expectations, but for failed attempts from without for its destruction, and this guy calls that success story ‘a failed ideology.’

  4. NIF had to find someone to sell their destructive line. Pity they couldn’t find someone with a bit more dignity and some intellect

  5. Much of the Israeli commentary about Netanyahu’s use of the bomb image has been very positive – even Sherwood’s rehash of article sin the Israeli press could not hide that – e.g, from her article:

    ‘Ben Caspit, writing in Ma’ariv, said: “The picture of the bomb … portrayed a certain charming childishness, but in the same breath we can determine with certainty that this picture will be broadcast over and over in every language to the television viewers, and Netanyahu, as they say, will have made his point.”‘

    The speeches made at the UN last week are already forgotten, with one exception – the red line that Netanyahu drew was the one clear message which everyone saw, understood, and remembers.

  6. Bibi’s simple illustration reminds the world what’s at stake and will survive long after the UN’s imminent demise just as the Jews have and will continue to survive the fall of all other civilisations. So his message should be taken on board by the current western civilisation that has two choices: fall like the ancient Greeks/Romans etc or survive with the Jews. If Americans choose Obama they choose the first option, if they vote him out the west will have a chance to survive.

    • Sharon-

      As much as I have problems with the UN, I don’t foresee their imminent demise. I also don’t see such a stark outcome in Obama’s election, which will probably occur.

      • As I said, the choice is clear – 4 more years for Obama to totally destroy western civilisation or its continuance under Romney.

        Of course the UN cannot possibly carry on as is with third world tin t dictators having a pew to spew their venom whilst profiting from the gravy train paid for by the very western nations they wish to destroy.

        Conundrum? For sure.

        Mind how you vote then!

    • Sharon, if the UN is so bad with Israel, how come Israel has not withdrawn from it?

      Israel exists as a state today thanks to a vote at the UN. You should be grateful.

      • Israel exists today because of the Jews who kept faith over 3 millennia who never forgot their heritage and in particular those who ultimately took matters in their own hands in the 1940’s after years of false promises and agreements to reinstate the Holy Land to her rightful people. The UN is an infant in terms of this debate. Because Israel’s rebirth was ratified by the UN says more about the people who then served on what was once a noble world body formed in the death throws of Hitler’s Holocaust than what can be said about those who serve now on what it has become some 67 years after its formation. Until a new world forum is formed that can take the nations of the world forward in a compatible manner in a rapidly changing world, Israel has no choice but to remain represented around that table if she is to have a means of being heard. Netanyahu’s now famous illustrative explanation to a deaf and dumb world what a nuclear Iran means in terms of the survival of the West would never have hit the headlines if he didn’t have access to that platform. Now millions more people understand what is at stake simply because of what he said in a place that has the reach the UN provides. So until this bankrupt organisation is replaced with something more suitable, Israel will stay around that table.

  7. In Dana’s early 972mag writings, he compares the current situation of the Palestinian’s to that of the Jews during the inquisition.

    • Surely it’s a very apt comparison, how don’t they match? Just like the Jews in Spain the Palestinians are put to the question, burnt alive for not changing their religion. Very perceptive of Dana, I’d say, if it weren’t so completely typically absurd.

  8. Dana appears to have the mind of a fruitcake; a banana fruitcake. Cue for a Duvidl song:

    Banana Brain Dana

    to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.”
    (Hat tip: US tradition)

    Joseph Dana came to town;
    Another Jewish Quisling,
    Trying to do Bibi down
    And keep that bomb a-fizzling.
    He and that Aussie Lowenstein
    Want Jews defunct to render.
    Jo Dana’s mind’s a fruitcake fine;
    Banana one; a bender.

    DS Al Coda

  9. ‘Dana, as we’ve noted previously, describes himself as a Jew who was brought up in America in a “Zionist indoctrination programme” but who was able to free himself from its iron grip. ‘

    Oh dear, that guy’s really gone off the deep end. Another ‘born-again’ Israel-hating, Hamas-enabling fundie.