Guardian readers complain about the dangerous power of scheming CiF Watch Zionists

H/T Margie

I truly wish CiF Watch was as powerful as many Guardianistas commenting at ‘Comment is Free’ believe.

Beneath the line of a miraculously positive story on Israel in the Guardian (which we posted about, “CiF Watch ‘When Pigs Fly Edition: Guardian Publishes 100% Positive Story about Israel“) were these:

This comment was promptly deleted by CiF moderators, as it violated the Guardian Commandment: Thou shall not mention CiF Watch.

Reporting abusive comments and recommending comments we like?  How devious, and manipulative!

Yes, ‘Comment is Free’ moderators are putty in our Zionist hands. We play them like a fiddle. 


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  1. In fact Bob is my uncle – but it sure ain’t this one.

    CiFW told people to recommend certain comments?
    CiFW tries to control all debates on I/P @ the G.?

    What a pillock.

  2. Yes, ‘Comment is Free’ moderators are putty in our Zionist hands. We play them like a fiddle.

    Not while “Two careers” Berchmans lives and breathes

  3. Of course those deranged commenters are welcome to visit cifwatch and come up with proof that “people are told to recommend certain comments” or that there is “an organised campaign”, but they won’t and they can’t find any proof, any more than they can come up with proof to back up the lies they tell about Israel, Jews and Zionism.

    Mwaahaahaa indeed!!!

    • Biodegradable, have you read “The Hidden Hand” by Daniel Pipes? It deals with the Arab/Muslim penchant for conspiracy theories about alleged Jewish/Zionist plots, many of them frankly off the wall.

      When conspiracy theorists are asked how they know that such conspiracies exist or to provide proof of them they invariably waffle because they can’t provide any, but the Arab/Muslim conspiracy theorist often goes one better – he argues that he cannot provide it and that it should not be expected because the Jews are so clever that they have hidden it where it can never be found.

      Now why am I thinking of the WMD lunacy in Iraq???

  4. Personally I stopped reading the G years ago. But as all good G readers know all to well, the ‘ Jews controll everything ‘, this has been common knowledge since 1917 or 1933 depending where you stand.

  5. I got tired of the Guardian ..I opted instead for RT, Press TV and the India Times.. I can say what the Hell i like ..

    Dam.. I’m moderated LoL Freedom of speech my arse. What did CP Scott say again ? Some crazy stuff about the right to being heard ? Ye lot only want to hear your own narrow minded points of view.

  6. CiFWatch posters are more sophisticated then the average CiF poster,and think for themselves.And decide for themselves what and whom to recommend.

    CiF is the best comedy show in town,and Berchmans is their star attraction.
    He is a hoot never ceases to amuse,with his doltish posts.

    It’s getting easier to stick it to them…..In fact too easy……..

  7. It’s very easy to push Berchmans buttons,you just have to know his weaknesses and there are a lot of them.He pops in here to see what’s written about him.He is an egocentric twit.