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Guardian removes letter on Jews’ ‘Ghetto’ mentality: Runs afoul of their “editorial guidelines”

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I’d really love to know the identity of the Guardian editor who decided to publish the following letter (Guardian Weekly Letters, 20 April 2012), that we commented on yesterday.  The letter, by Niels Engelsted, was evidently an allusion to the security fence Israel is building along the Sinai border in response to an increase in Jihadist activity after Mubarak’s fall:

While this blog is constantly revealing that the intellectual ghetto inhabited by Israel haters allows for the most “enlightened” souls to frame even the most innocuous Israeli act in a way which imputes maximum malice, this pseudo psychological analysis of Israeli Jews is in a class of its own.  And, I truly wonder at the cognitive process by which the decision, by Israel, to erect a security fence along an internationally recognized border to prevent terrorism can be construed as an indication of Jews’ subconscious need to relive the glory days of forced exclusion from non-Jewish society.

Well, sometime following our post, and a few sharply worded emails from concerned readers later, the letter was removed from the Guardian’s site, and this now appears on the page.

I’m sure it was an honest mistake by one lone editor and in no way should be construed as part of a larger pattern of institutional hostility to Israel. Indeed, banish the very thought!

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  1. It may well have been an honset mistake. The problem is that the anti-Israel, not to mention anti-Semitic, bias at the Guardian’s editorial level is so ingrained they are not even aware of it any more.

    • Very true AKUS, but pity they don’t apply their “editorial guidelines” to CiF. It’d be a shadow of its current self if they did.

      Folks we really have to do even more against this anitsemitic, pro Islamist sh*t from the Guardian. CiF Watch is doing sterling work, but I’d really love to see the Guardian go down the drain.

  2. Well done Adam, CiF Watch and all the emailers with the sharp words. “Editorial guidelines”; don’t make Duvidl laugh.

  3. The author, who has a Danish name, must be butthurt about the righteous beatdown his fellow countryman received at the hands of the IDF the other day.