Photos the Guardian won’t publish: Israeli communities under siege from Gaza rocket fire

In the eight stories (and one commentary) the Guardian published about last week’s terrorist violence from Gaza, all but one accompanying photo depicted Palestinian suffering, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of those killed in Gaza were Islamic Jihad or Popular Resistance Committee terrorists (and all of those targeted by Gaza terrorists were Israeli civilians).

So, here are some photos depicting the real life consequences (of terrorist violence which began on March 9) on Israeli communities within range of Gaza rocket attacks – images of towns under siege not seen at the Guardian.

Gaza terrorist assaults on communities injured over a dozen Israeli civilians, forced hundreds of thousands into bomb shelters, and closed schools for up to a week.

South of Ashdod, children take cover in a concrete pipe/shelter as incoming Palestinian rockets seek their targets.

Iranian made Grad rocket hits Netivot, March 14

Young Israeli girl takes cover in Beer Sheba after rocket siren sounds

The Reuters caption reads: "An Israeli girl looks for steel ball bearings on a wall of a school in the southern city of Beersheba, after it was damaged by a rocket fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza March 11, 2012. "

A woman and child in Ofakim, Israel covers to protect against Gaza rockets

Israeli teens in Nitzana taking shelter in a sewage pipe

An Israeli man looks out of a window after a rocket attack from Gaza, March 12

Ashdod, Israel - March12: Israeli woman evacuated after rocket attack from Gaza

Ashdod, Israel, March 12: Israeli schoolgirls take cover next to bus during a rocket attack

Thai worker, injured when rockets fired from Gaza into Israel hit the area of Eshkol, is brought into the Soroka hospital March 9

Also, here’s a short compilation of rocket attacks on Israeli communities, filmed by civilians during the first few days of hostilities.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Islamic Jihad has claimed victory, per this official PIJ poster: (H/T Challah Hu Akbar)

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  1. If there would be any possibility of publishing any of those photos, The Guardian would publish any of them before the fourth one. It might pull some moderate leftists away from the anti-Israel mantra if they see that a black child has been affected by Palestinian terrorism.

  2. That Palestinian Islamic Jihad poster at the bottom features the group of schoolgirls cowering for cover behind a bus. The perpetrators are proud of this “accomplishment”?

  3. This is what they are and what they do .
    Their pride comes from their handiwork . There is almost as much joy in the death of a Shaheed as the murder of a Jew . Their world is not of this one but the one to come . If there were no Jews to kill , they would be killing each other for this is what they are , all they know and what they do best .
    No Hi Tech , no silicon valleys . No medical research . Nothing , just a backward ,warlike bunch of Jew hating sociopaths and inbreds .

    • Yes,yes the Jews are the chosen people. We know.. First day looking at this & other Israeli/ zionism sites. Apparently set up because of virulent Jew hating, these sites are the most racist / Islam bashing going. I hope the Muslims of the world see what the Jews are writing about their Holy ‘things’… Oh no I forgot, everyones against u ,the people who want peace