Join the ‘Global March for…Syria’!

While extremists, terrorists and their supporters continue their plans for a massive provocation on the Jewish state’s borders (Global March to Jerusalem‘, March 30 (in hopes of undermining “the Zionist edifice“), those genuinely concerned with freedom in the Middle East are organizing a genuinely progressive movement.

There is a ‘Global March for Syria’ movement being organized to protest the Assad regime’s brutality, which has resulted in over 8,000 murdered, scores tortured and tens of thousands displaced.

As the official ‘Global March for Syria’ FB page notes:

It has been one year since the Syrian revolution began. One year of violence against peaceful protesters and innocent civilians. One year of blood shed. And one year of a brave stance against great evil, but the Syrian people have vowed to never stop until the fall of the regime, until they gain freedom and dignity. On March 17, 2012 let’s stand with Syria against oppression and take a moment to remember the thousands of lives sacrificed since March 15, 2011. 

Syrians are in the midst of writing history. On March 15,16, & 17 become a part of history and support the fight for freedom!

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  1. Strange – I thought of doing a send-up on this issue – why are a million men not marching to Damascus.

    of course, the answer is obvious.Unlike Israel, the Syrians would simply mow them down.

  2. To all those who don’t see the facts as they are…who ignore the majority of syrians who refuset the distruction of their country…to those who think that regimes such as in KSA and Katar who have no understanding to what civil rights mean can provide help to free syria…I like to say that you truly deserve to be ruled by extrimists, salafists and wahabies.