Snapshot of bias: Guardian’s Israel page is seeing double…no, triple

H/T Margie

How many times can you repeat the same biased headline on one Israel page?

If you’re the Guardian, the answer is: 3

Of note, out of the 18 Gazans killed since Friday (when the IDF targeted the leader of an Islamist group who was planning a multi-pronged terrorist attack in S. Israel from the Sinai), 16 have been terrorists. Now, for those keeping score of casualties during wartime, that’s a civilian to combatant ratio of 2 to 16.

Additionally, of the 100 Gazans killed in IDF anti-terror operations in 2011, nine were civilians. That is a civilian-combatant ratio of roughly 1 to 10.

In comparison, the UN estimates that there has been an opposite disproportionate figure of civilian to combatant deaths in such conflicts worldwide, an average three-to-one ratio: Three civilians for every one combatant killed. The estimated ratio in Afghanistan: 3 to 1. In Iraq, and in Kosovo, it is believed to be 4 to 1.

Moreover, since Friday (and through tonight) heavily populated Israeli cities in the south have been under siege from Gaza rocket fire, which forced hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens into bomb shelters, and schools to close.

So, here’s an alternative headline for the Guardian’s Israel page:

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  1. The Guardian apparently feels its readers are not intelligent enough to make do with only one headline, but need it repeated three times for it to penetrate.

    • That’s how it works. Keep repeating the lies often enough and soon you have all the masochists with you. Repeating it over again on the same page is a breakthrough for leftwing bubbleheads who can’t get enough of this stuff. They can hang it as a poster over their beds at their parents’ house, whom I’m sure they’re sponging off.

  2. Makes little difference because the Israeli’s will keep killing and the HasbaRats will keep giving cover.

    • When you write; “the Israeli’s will keep killing”

      Do you mean ALL Israeli’s or just some?

      What exactly are “HasbaRats” ?

      • Sadly moistly forgot to mention that the Kasbah has so much rats because the local Muslim leaders tackle any Israeli attempt to modernise as an assault on Islam.

    • Mostly a wanker. Keep em coming, lets see where the link between Jews and rats can take us.

  3. You’re SO right, MH, those Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committee terrorists have peaceful intentions, and are genuine progressives who don’t (contrary to conventional wisdom parroted by us ‘HasbaraRats’) seek the Jewish state’s annihilation, but are, rather, tragically misunderstood.