Postcard from Israel: Hula Valley Nature Reserve

This week our virtual trip takes us north to Israel’s oldest nature reserve in the Hula Valley.

The best time to visit (un-virtually) is in the spring and autumn when millions of migrating birds use the Syrian-African Rift Valley as a highway for their long journey to and from Europe.

Beat the crowds by getting there early in the morning when there’s a good chance of having the water buffalo, birds and papyrus swamps all to yourself.  And don’t miss the 3D film on bird migration – it’s an experience you’ll remember for a long time. 

All photos taken by Israelinurse

A: Hula Valley

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  1. Wonderful nature reserve. I was there last year and took some good pics of cranes, pelicans, ibis, kingfishers and some I didn’t know. It covers a large area so I hired a bike there, and discovered I could still ride OK even though I’m over 70!

  2. Shoc horror, the map shows the ‘West Bank’ and not ‘Judea & Samaria’ you’re gonna be in big trouble with your Hasbara masters