Help the Guardian improve its Eyewitness Photograph “Pro tips”

A guest post by AKUS

The Guardian believes it has a role to play in providing useful tips to help photographers improve their skills. It runs a series of “Eyewitness” photographs alongside a “Pro tip” explanation of the manner in which a professional photographer has used his or her viewpoint to increase the impact of image displayed.

Of course, this being the Guardian, it is also a useful way to sneak in a little bit of anti-Israeli propaganda.

Take the “lesson” from Saturday, December 17th, 2011, which as it happens, except for a snapshot from Liege, seems to be the only “Eye-witness” photograph in the last couple of months to show any kind of violence:


Guardian Pro tip accompanying photo above

You have to admire the sheer bloody-minded consistent bias of the Guardian’s editors. Not content with constantly posting articles about Israel devoid of context, they admire how a photographer has created an image “divested of context” designed to show a solitary figure we are obviously supposed to assume is a “Palestinian youth” being bombarded for no particular reason in a huge “assault” of tear gas fired by, we are supposed to assume, a myriad of Israelis.

Surely they could do better than this?  Take the far more dramatic image below from the increasingly violent end to the “Arab Spring” in Cairo from today’s Washington Post:

Here’s my Protip:

World news: Arab world – Egypt – Protest

By framing the scene in this way, with the boy in the foreground pushed to the front of the frame, the photographer has provided the scene with context and emphasised the scale of the violence as the stone-throwing and arson blend into one.

You are welcome to add your suggestions for the Guardian’s editors to consider.

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  1. AKUS, excellently spotted. It speaks volumes against the Guardian that it is proud that it doctors reality to further its anti Israel message.

    This proves that not only can we not believe a word written in the Guardian, but we can’t believe any of the supporting photographs either.

    Your pointing this up is of immense value.

    My protip:

    By focusing on the youngster who appears to be leading the stonethrowing, no doubt at considerable danger to himself, the photographer shows us how cheap young people’s lives are to the Egyptian military and to the family members who encourage them to take to the streets.

    • True. Also how cheap their lives are for those whose main concern is to get a good scoop to be published and paid for.

      • The useful idiot, Darwin Award winning, socialist rachel corrie died while her ISM socialist islamofascist-philic handlers clicked away on their cameras and didn’t protect her from her delusional behavior when she ran infront of an oncoming tractor.

        Useful Idiots for palestine

  2. Neither, of course, are the weekly violent riots at Nebi Saleh “protest against Israel’s separation barrier” as stated in the caption.

    • Those riots which feature sling-shots, stones and rocks as well as firebombs are called “peaceful protest”. The label is persuasive, especially when the demonstrators are facing soldiers in riot gear, masked & shielded, looking formidable and faceless.

      The question arises why the soldiers need the armour and the answer is of course that they often face barrages of rocks and stones for hours at a time, a deliberate assault on their patience and a deliberate invitation to a response that can be photographed or videod and presented, contextless, as an illustration of Israel’s aggression

  3. It appears that Guardian editors and journalists have taken their pro tips from Goebbles in how to create and sustain hate.

  4. AKUS, it has some echoes of the white phosphorus the IDF used to illuminate open space in Cast Lead.

    As Serendipity says above the parents of these gulled children are totally deficient in their childcare. I remember in Jenin when the tanks rolled in a whole family gathered on their balcony or roof to see them. A fourteen-year-old girl was caught in cross-fire and died.

    I’d say to the photographers make sure your dramatis personae are in place. But I don’t think they need my advice on that.

  5. We know that Palestinian parents are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the demand from the PA and Hamas for child sacrifice for the sake of propaganda, but such behaviour is dysfunctional and utterly abnormal and condemns Palestinian society to death. Any Palestinian state’s future rests on its future generations. These people are killing all hope for the future, as well as their children.

    I wish I could say that that all make that choice unwillingly but some mothers even encourage their children, see

    Could any reader be induced even to pretend to be glad that her child died horribly?

    Note however that, in the following link, Amira Hass argues that suicide bomber recruitment is a parent’s worst nightmare. I wish I could believe it. If it were they would do everything in their power to keep their children away from these people. (Having said that, how much power does a Muslim woman have?)

    See also

  6. I am a professional photographer who uses my art to show my clients’ buildings at their best. i can help to turn a sow’s ear to look a bit more like a silk purse.

    However, when it comes to showing things out of context, the above pictures are in a completely different league to mine.

    And as a picture is supposedly is worth 1,000 words, the visual lies these photojournalists put out are 1,000 times more powerful than mere words alone.

    The al Dura footage, with its false conclusions, caused the deaths of people on both sides, as outrage erupted in the Arab world over what was later shown to be a lie. I hope Charles Enderlin has this on his conscience for life, although I suspect he has already, successfully either forgiven or justified his lies to himself.

  7. So called “palestinians” STAGE photo shoots ( complete with “Mighty Taqiyya” troop actors ) for Western photojournalists, parading their dead as Islamist propaganda,

    and the islamofascist-philic socialists contribute to the racist islamist lies with the publication of fauxtography, single frames from videos that distort reality to fit islamofascist-philic agenda.