What the Guardian won’t report: Released Palestinian responsible for Sbarro attack says she’d do it again

Since the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners from Israel in exchange for Gilad Shalit, Palestinian Media Watch has documented that Palestinian Authority leadersincluding Mahmoud Abbas, as well as the official PA media, have glorified some of the terrorists who committed the most lethal attacks against Israeli civilians. 

Among the recently released prisoners was Ahlam Tamimi, the terrorist who chose the place and led a suicide bomber to the Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in August 2001, who murdered 15 people in his attack, 7 of them children. 

Tamimi has repeatedly stated that she does not regret her involvement in the terror attack and, since her release, has appeared in several interviews, in which she has repeated this. 

Here’s a Jordanian website broadcast of an interview with her.

If you want to know how Tamimi’s new freedom (and appalling lack of remorse) affects the families of those who lost loved ones in the Sbarro attack, I’d suggest reading the following post by Arnold and Frimet Roth, whose daughter Malki was murdered by Tamimi.

In a piece titled, “A monster walks the streets and she has many accomplices“, the Roths, at their blog, This Ongoing War, write:

“This person murdered fifteen people, most of them children, all of them Jewish. A sixteenth woman, a young mother, was left unconscious and vegetative from the day of the terrorist attack until today; the woman’s two-year old daughter has grown up motherless. And more than 130 people were left maimed and wounded, along with several hundred families, ours among them, who were and are devastated.”

“The injustice of this person’s freedom, and the hypocrisy of those who fail to scream out against it, overwhelm us. They choke us.”

Yes, the hypocrisy of those who aren’t genuinely outraged by Tamimi’s release, and by the Palestinians’ veneration of such hideous and loathsome people, is morally appalling beyond what any words could adequately express.   

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  1. Of course she would.

    It’s a fruitless exercise to engage with or try to understand anyone who has the sort of psychopathic mindset which could coldbloodedly encourage someone to commit suicide murder (note that she did not do it herself).

    I am appalled that such a one could be considered for release. She has neither conscience nor sense of shame or guilt. I wouldn’t be surprise if she kept on recruiting and encouraging more suicide murderers in future.

  2. This was the event which changed me.
    Before Sbarro I was just a regular observer, supported both sides ….like many others who didn’t observe the depth of depravity into which the Pals have descended.

    I will never forget the news when it came on and saw the body parts and blood lying around. Later I watched a doc which followed the victims and their families as they coped with the effects of this event.

    This is when I learned about the rat poison dipped nails and ball bearings packed into the suicide bombs. That way wounds keep bleeding endlessly.

    Learning these details changed me and my views and I never looked back since. This enemy is evil, savage and doesn’t belong in humanity.
    No matter what the cause, what the reason, to target kids this way is more than “conflict”. It is a war against pure evil.

    Since then, whenever confronted with Paleo supporters I always ask them.

    “Do you know what is in a suicide bomb?” Do you know how a Quassam or Hezbollah katyusa is built? How they are designed to tare flesh and cause maximum damage to civilians. The hate that is packed in them.

    More often than not, I get a blind stare admittedly a sense of shock from even the supporters of these evil terrorists. Most simply do not know.

    We must teach them. Educate the masses as otherwise we will lose this conflict and the whole world will suffer.

    Never again !