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Why weren’t these deleted? CiF essay about Rosh Hashana elicits antisemitic comments

There is one thing which is certain when reading comments beneath the line at Comment is Free.

Any use of the word “Jew” or “Israel” in even the most apolitical context within CiF commentaries will almost always elicit animosity, in some form or another, from CiF readers, towards Jews or Judaism. 

Rabbi Naftali Brawer’s CiF essay, “Today is the time to ask what we are needed for, not what we need“, Sept. 30, is a case in point.

The fact that Brawer’s lucid meditation on the significance of the Jewish New Year – which suggests that this is a time for all people to ask what unique purpose they have in life – isn’t even remotely political presented no obstacle for CiF readers incensed by the mere suggestion of Judaism’s value.

First, there’s this completely off topic attack on Jewish tradition, which still hasn’t been deleted by CiF Moderators.

Then there was the suggestion, by another CiF commenter, of the problem of Jewish supremacism which also has not been deleted, despite being hateful, off topic and, as you’ll see, based on one single sentence from Brawer’s essay taken completely out of context.

Here is the full passage, from Brawer’s essay, which contains the sentence the CiF reader decided to focus on.

 Such as the following passage from the Talmud: “A human being creates many coins from the same die and they are all identical; the Supreme King of Kings, the Holy One blessed is He, coins all people from Adam’s die and not one looks like another. This is why every person must say ‘The world was created just for me’.”

So, do CiF moderators believe that the issue of “Jewish supremacism” is a legitimate question, and consistent with Guardian community standards?

Based on at least one Guardian report, by David Hearst, the answer would appear to be in the affirmative. 

Some frank clarity on this topic is overdue. 

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  1. One thing is for sure,we are superior to the likes of these posters like SoundMoney and LucyQ.

    This LucyQ is exceptionally dumb. And so are the type of racists posters that the Guardian attracts….

  2. Such an article is completely wasted on your average Grauniad reader.

    It was quite new-agey by my (medieval-mindset Orthodox Jewish) standards, turning the message of the Dreaded Days from one of repentance before God to a self-improvement workshop. And yet, for all its modern or postmodern appeal, a great portion of the commenters opted to use it as a venue for attacking the propositions of traditional religion.

    Which is their right, of course, but surely the editors of a secular forum should know better than to put such red meat in front of their readership. Stupid, stupid editors.

    LucyQ’s comment has me wondering: Is she as vocal against circumcision when practiced by Muslims as by Jews? Or would that be “Islamophobia” in her eyes? It is common in those circles to show an unusual amount of respect to Islam of all religions, despite it being the least tempered by modernity.

    • What about Shia muslims flagellating and cutting themselves or their children till their blood flows?

  3. I’m reminded of the notorious thread that accompanied the Mitzvah Day article two years ago.

    Bizarre here, too, that some individuals feel the urge to post offensive comments from the off. Anyone know what the (deleted) posters riosinho, wotever (whose name rings a bell for the wrong reasons) and bananatruss said?

  4. In fairness to Lucy Q she is a regular commentator on all things religious – she hates them all (her avatar is Richard Dawkins Atheist logo). Why don’t you check her comments on Islam I think you’ll find they’re a hell of a lot stronger.

    Frankly as an Israeli I’m with her – all religions are bullshit!