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Guardian article about Steven Spielberg produces high volume of hostility towards Jews in comment section


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A Guardian piece in their Culture section about the alleged firing of actress Megan Fox (who was staring in the film ‘Transformers’) by Executive Producer Steven Spielberg for calling the (Jewish) director of the film, Michael Bay, a Nazi (“Steven Spielberg demanded Megan Fox be fired from ‘Transformers’, says Bay“, June 20) produced, predictably, a disturbing amount of palpable hostility towards Jews in the comment section:

Here’s a sample: 

The alleged firing of an actress for calling her Jewish director a Hitler shows that, when it comes to The Holocaust, there is no freedom of speech (259 Recommends) 


Spielberg’s alleged firing of Fox makes the Jewish producer a little like Hitler (606 Recommends)


Comparing the Jewish director, Michael Bay, with the German film maker (Leni Riefenstahl) who produced Nazi propaganda for Hitler


Spielberg has cashed in on The Holocaust (311 Recommends)


Evident advice to Jews that they “get over” The Holocaust

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  1. I am afraid I really think that was overkill on Spielberg’s part. Saying ‘X is a jumped up little Hitler’ is part of common discourse. C. S. Lewis described his prep school as ‘Belsen’. OK, poor taste, maybe deserves a talking to and a slapped wrist with a public apology, perhaps, but not firing. This is unhelpful, I think, and totally unnecessary.

    • I agree that he went too far, she should have been made to apologize for what was an obviously deeply offensive remark but the problem is the people in those comments are hardly attacking SPIELBERG instead they’re using this incident to smear Jews and push this whole “ohh can’t say that they’ll call us anti-Semitic and scream HOLOCAUST” crap.

    • Rubbish. She insulted her employer (and indeed not just her employer but also the man who had made her career) in public in the grossest possible way. She deserved to be fired and she was.

      Unhelpful? You mean we should tiptoe around the gentiles just like we did in the shtetl and in World War II. Yeah, that strategy really worked, didn’t it?

      • “what if she had called him a “soup Nazi” ?”

        1) Trust you for that. It just shows what your anti-Zionism is really about.

        2) From the National Post:

        ‘The “Hitler thing” refers to Fox’s comments about Bay in a 2009 interview with Wonderland Magazine: “He’s like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation,” Fox said. “He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is.”

        Fox added that she enjoyed Bay’s personality because he’s “so hopelessly awkward” and “has no social skills at all.” ‘

        I’m amazed that they kept the ditzy broad for as long as they did.

      • dont know if you work…but please…go in and call your boss a name

        lets see how long you keep your job at micky d’s

      • @ Hoi Polloi

        MindTheCrap was – I presume – merely making a lighthearted reference to a certain (classic!) episode of Seinfeld. Their post says nowt about their alleged “anti-Zionism”.

      • Pretzelberg:

        Thank you for explaining the obvious to the mental morons and midgets. No doubt they want to adopt a labour law whereby a boss can summarily fire an employee without recourse, based on his subjective interpretation of an employees idiomatic statement. That’s much more simple than “loyalty oaths”. The “soup nazi” is a classic example of such idiomatic usage and no doubt the mental morons and midgets will now say that Seinfeld should have been thrown off the air.

  2. “A piece of advice to this group…. Get over it [the Holocaust].”

    You first, anti-Zionists. You get over your idea that the Holocaust, or indeed all the past sufferings of the Jewish nation, are what makes Zionism right, and start getting into your thick skulls the truth that Zionism is right because the Jewish nation is the one and only true Palestinian nation, the only nation whose connection with Palestine is inherent and not a happenstance of humanity’s violent expansion of its geographical knowledge (i.e. wars of conquest).

    • Hmmm, I’d better make this clearer. I was castigating the anti-Zionists for holding to the idea that Zionists justify Zionism by the Holocaust (and sufferings that preceded it in Jewish history). They then proceed to say, “The Palestinians [the Arab settlers illegally occupying Palestine. –ZT] shouldn’t be paying the price for the wrongdoings perpetrated on European Jews.” (Implied here also is that Jewish life in Islamic countries was a cakewalk. It wasn’t—as in Christian Europe, it had its ups and downs depending on the local rulers.) Zionism isn’t about redress of past wrongs; it’s about the Jews returning to political sovereignty on their indigenous territory, and it’s as just as the Greeks’ regaining of independence in 1829.

      Regarding Spielberg: As with most left-wing Jews, I just wish he’d get as het-up on the elephant in the room that is anti-Zionism as he does on suspicions of classical Jew-hatred. In addition, I lost much respect for him for portraying the Munich terrorists as “complex people,” harboring second thoughts about the planned massacre—a depiction totally at odds with reality.

      • ‘I lost much respect for him for portraying the Munich terrorists as “complex people,” ‘

        Hear, Hear!

      • Did you ever wonder why the Jews in Iran won’t leave ?? Because they are happy there !! So much for the Iranians being big anti semites and stuff .. Jews have lived in Iran for centuries !!

    • “A piece of advice to this group…. Get over it [the Holocaust].”

      My advice to Der Guardian, Socialists, Islamofascists,

      get over the fact that the Israelis are not the unarmed Jews of WW2 nazi filth infested Europe.

  3. Hoi Polloi, I think I understand what you mean, but you should be very careful of generalising about the soul of the gentile. By no means all, in fact I would say more a minority, of gentiles are cursed with this mean-spiritedness and hatred of Jews.

    • I believe it is so deeply rooted in the culture that it is ineradicable. That is what I mean when I refer to the soul of the gentile.

      • there is no freedom of speech in the work place

        megan fox should have been fired, because she is a horrible actress

        bay is not hitler…he just stinks as a director, and i still can figure out how he keeps working

        • So what? Morgan Fox accuses Michael Bay (Jewish) of acting like Hitler and she gets fired. So what?! It’s called tact. People get fired for far less in Hollywood without a single cry.

          The Guardian is exploiting this issue to bash Israel and trivilize the holocaust which is precisely what Morgan Fox did.

          Americans and Israelis have gotten over the holocaust. It seems the Guardian spends more time talking about the Holocaust than any other newspaper. ANY OTHER!

          The reason is they want to de-sensitize it, so when they use holocaust analogies to smear Israel accusations of antisemitism are less persuasive.

  4. “…the soul of the gentile which remains as it has always done deeply flawed and virulently anti-Semitic.”

    I hope you’re not suggesting it’s an immutable trait. The belief in the immutability of human behaviors (as opposed to physical characteristics), the belief in hereditary determinism, has caused many an injustice in human history.

    To believe a majority of a group are evil, while not a savory thought to hold, may often be an acknowledgment of reality; but to believe an evil group or individual are destined to stay evil is a tenet of 19th-century materialism and a denial of human free will.

    • “I hope you’re not suggesting it’s an immutable trait.”

      In terms of the culture, yes. Traits can be immutable without having anything to do with biology. The history of European culture speaks of itself.

  5. It’s ridiculous. Fox talked about Bay’s draconian methods and beforehand called him Napoleon. I cannot believe that Spielberg had her fired solely because of the Hitler reference.

    But why on earth the Guardian opened up this non-story to comments is beyond me. Obviously you were going to get anti-Semites and other turds having a go at Spielberg (and Bay, who I didn’t even know was Jewish).

    See that deleted comment by manilaron @ 21 June 2011 10:49AM?
    It said “Spielberg is the chief of the Holocaust industry.”

    • “I cannot believe that Spielberg had her fired solely because of the Hitler reference.”

      Of course you can’t. That’s par for the course.

  6. DrGreat’s comment (the second one reprinted here) does not say, as is claimed, that Spielberg was “a little like HItler”, but that this made him look “like a little Hitler”. The difference might seem subtle, but it’s crucial, given that “little Hitler” is, like it or not, a recognised slang term for an overbearing employer. (It’s also a pubic hairstyle, but presumably not the correct context in this case….)

    If you think the use of “Hitler” as a general term of abuse belittles the genocidal scale of the Nazi threat, then I suggest you also reject the comparison of The Guardian and its readers with Der Sturmer and its readers, e.g. here: I’ve been trying to get someone, anyone, to pay any kind of token lip-service at least to the hypocrisy of this, but to no avail. It doesn’t say much about the sincerity of CiFWatch’s community on this matter.

    And please, stop ignoring the comments on CiF that oppose, challenge or mock the kind of anti-semitic comments you’re singling out in posts like this one.