What the Guardian won’t report: Hamas website celebrates death of Israeli teen, Daniel Viflic

The website of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, posted an article on the recent death of Israeli teen Daniel Viflic, who died as the result of brain injuries sustained after Hamas terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at a school bus he was on.

Here’s an exact translation of the story, from Arabic into English (with clarifications in parenthesis), provided by a friend of CiF Watch who is a professional translator: 

With pictures – Death of a Zionist soldier in the “Kfar Sa’ad” Operation (carried out) by Al-Qassam

 April 18, 2011

Al-Qassam exclusive

On the evening of Sunday, 17 April, one of the wounded in the Kfar Sa’ad convoy died, after a Zionist convoy was targeted by the Al-Qassam Brigades as it was passing on a military road connecting military positions weeks ago.

The Zionist “Ha’aretz” newspaper mentioned that the Zionist killed (i.e. dead) met his death (sic!) weeks ago east of the city of Gaza, after the convoy which was transporting him was targeted by the Al-Qassam Brigades.

The newspaper mentioned that the killed (i.e. dead) was a Zionist conscript who was treated in intensive care in the Soroka hospital in the occupied city of B’ir Al-Sab’ (Beer-Sheba) after a major deterioration in his medical condition.

(The newspaper) added that the dead “Daniel Fiflich” (sic, there is no “v” in Arabic) was buried in the cemetery of the village of Noham (sic) last night. He died of the serious wounds which he received ten days ago when Al-Qassam (Brigades) targeted a Zionist convoy in the occupied Western Naqb (Negev).

Al-Qassam carried out the operation

The Brigades of the shahid ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam announced Thursday (April 7) evening that they targeted a Zionist convoy near the Kfar Sa’ad mughtasaba (this is an Arabic term for Israeli settlements, both inside and outside the Green Line. It comes from the word “rape”, and is meant to say that the place is being raped, or taken from its original inhabitants by force), east of Gaza.

The (Al-Qassam) Brigades announced in a military communiqué that its mujahids (jihad fighters) targeted a convoy of the occupation exactly at 3:15 pm, near the Zionist Kfar Sa’ad mughtasaba (see above), east of Gaza. This (targeting) led to it (i.e. the convoy) being hit directly. The occupation admitted that two of the Zionists were wounded at the time of the targeting (I know it sounds idiotic, but this is how it translates into English), one of them serious (wounds), and he died last night.

The Brigades added that “we claim responsibility for this Jihad operation, and we stress that this is a primary response for the crimes of the occupation and that more responses are on the way Allah willing, and its Jihad-waging Brigades will remain the spearhead in waging resistance against the occupation, and that it will respond twice as much if it (the occupation) will dare to commit any new stupid acts.”

It (the Al-Qassam Brigades) pointed out that this heroic operation comes as a response to the ongoing and repetitious crimes of the occupation and its increasing taghawwuls (probably a typo, and he meant “tawaghghul”, which means “incursions”) against our people in Al-Quds (Jerusalem), the (West) Bank and the (Gaza) Strip, the latest of which was the murdering of the Qassam leaders Isma’il and ‘Abdallah Labad and Muhammad Al-Daya.

The words above the first two pictures (Below): “Pictures of the killed (i.e. dead) Zionist”

The words above the rest of the pictures: “Pictures of the targeting of the Zionist convoy by Al-Qassam (Brigades)

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  1. Just to be clear, was the bus alone or part of the “convoy” these scum said they were targeting?

  2. Yohoho – the bus was not part of any convoy – it was a regular, well-marked, yellow school bus as used in most rural areas of Israel.

    Neither is the road a ‘military road connecting military positions’; it is a regular road, of the type which in England would be classed as a B road, which connects the farming communities, villages and small towns in the Western Negev.

    Neither, of course, was Daniel a ‘conscript’ – he was a teenage schoolboy.

    Hamas are obviously trying to make out that both the bus and the victim were military targets in order to avoid accusations of war crimes.

  3. Israeli nurse.

    The bus was not part of a convoy as you said.

    However, for people who see all civilians as fighters and fair game,it’s worth noting that there was one more private vehicle in front of the bus.
    The woman driver of that other car and her child heard the explosion and sped away in fear.
    They didn’t realise what was hit until later. They gave evidence to the police later and were interviewed by the Israeli press on the next day.

    An article that points out that these 2 vehicles (a school bus and a private car) are a convoy using a military road connecting military installations thus worth targeting just goes to show their mentality, and blood lust.

  4. The 4th photo of the bus clearly shows in Hebrew, written in red over white at the top front of the bus, the word “Yeladim” which means children in English.

    I’m willing to put a bet that the Hamas operatives who took the shot know how to read Hebrew and most certainly know what Yeladim means.

    • So did the Jews when they bombed schools in gaza. How many children and woman died compaired to hamas back in the last slaughter????

  5. Very light traffic on a rural road. That shows the least of the lies.

    Can anyone explain the man in the checked shirt, please?

    Anything goes in the “Palestinian” “Authority”:

    I haven’t looked to see what might be on its maps.

  6. In a search on Daniel’s surname The Guardian has no result. Likewise in a search in user contributions.

    But for “Zionist conscript” in user contributions:

    This could disappear:

    search search user contributions search the web powered by googleYou searched for ‘”zionist conscript”‘
    3 results

    Israel and Palestine don’t need more friends – but the peace process does

    20 Apr 2011, 10:42AM

    20 April 2011 10:14AM
    Hamas Glorying and Reveling in firing a laser guided anti-
    tank missile at a school bus

    And in mislabelling a school-bus as being ‘part of a convoy’ and calling a 16 year old Hassidic Yeshiva boy a ‘Zionist conscript’.

  7. Ariadne,

    I think that the man with the shirt is the father and driver of the bus which got hit in his legs and could not save his son.

    He his obviously being carried away and is in deep pain and grief as well as trauma.

  8. Ariadne,

    The man also appear to have blood on his left sleeve by his watch.
    In one of the photos he is walking towards the ambulance.

    It seems to me like he is terrified for his son and does not want to part with him.
    A natural reaction for any parent.
    Well, those who are not indoctrined under Hamas that is.

  9. The man in the checked shirt is the bus driver (not Daniel’s father) who, although hurt himself by shrapnel wounds in the legs, did not want to leave the injured boy even though he was in need of medical treatment himself.

  10. Thank you, Itzik and Israelinurse. Just when one thinks nothing could be worse, the details stun.

    Is there a word worse than “evil” to describe the killers and their promoters?

  11. Thanks Israeli nurse.

    I seemed to have remembered the intial Ynet report that he was the last boy on the bus and the driver was his father.

    I obviously got it wrong.

    Never the less this is so much Israeli to stay with people in need.
    While here in GB people tend to walk away as soon as they get a sniff of danger, the Israelis tend to confront and assist when someone is in need.

    At least this is my opinion after leavoing in both countries for over 10 years.

  12. Ariadne:
    “Is there a word worse than “evil” to describe the killers and their promoters?”

    According to the Guardian new urban dictionary, the word for this is “Fr33d0m F1ght3rs”.

    Seriously though, people who refer to these scum as freedom fighters must be pretty stupid.

    Hamas wants to impose Islamic rule which in itself prevents you from having the first rule of freedom.

    The freedom to choose your faith.
    Never mind the rest…

    • So wot the Jews doing to the true palastines then?? Wake up and stop reading the press and make ur own views. The jews r the modern 20 1 st Hitler movement.

      • “Wake up and stop reading the press and make ur own views.”

        Well, making “ur” own views is certainly what you’re doing (and making “ur” own “spelling” too, come to that)–what you’re spouting is based on nothing that even slightly resembles reality. But please, continue to wallow in ur hayt…

  13. Itzik, I do remember on 7/7 one of the first people to assist at one of the bombings was an Israeli doctor, possibly a surgeon.
    He was a tourist.

    I don’t think his name appeared in the list of honours awarded to those who helped save lives and he most certainly did.

    • Allah protect you Islam heart your all sister need you be save and strong your star in Islam sky Allah will help you

    • Talking veal mate. That doctor done any other doctor would do its a natural thing to do, so don’t bring religion into it.

  14. I’m a UK resident and born and brought up by English ways. As I get older and wiser I have my own views on life and how othdr

  15. The way I look at it, is this. The Jews do wot they did to the poor Gaza’s as girls did to them. Let me explain. When the Jews bombed Gaza with weapons given by the manks I.e cluster bombs, phosphrous used in a population of children and ordinarily people just like world war 2. The whole world stood back and done nothing. Why? Be cause the yanks gave the go ahead, that’s why. So when the true people of Israel ( palastines) bomb a bus or cafe the world goes up in arms. Israel is the only country with wmd in the middle east. Why? Because the yanks want it that way. We the world r heading towards a new empire called usa. Israel should be in the same court as sadam, gadaffi, mugagabi and if alive adolf Hitler. The Jews run the world with out a doubt, we all no it. Let Iran have nuclear power and weapons, Jews have it so why can’t they..????????? Remember one thing the yanks r obsessed by oil, simple as that. Syria have been killing many civilia

    • As I was saying. Syria have been killing many thousands and yet big. Old usa done f**k all, why? Because Syria have nothing to give back I.e oil, gas or any other precious materials. In other words if u have something worth fighting for the yanks and Jews want it, if not. On your own. I think iv said enough for the time being. T . J