Jonathan Freedland defends Israel. Hundreds of Guardian readers respond in a fury of hate.

Jonathan Freedland’s refreshingly lucid defense of Israel, and criticism of those who continue, despite all the evidence, to defend the Goldstone Report (CiF, April 7), elicited a very large volume of reader comments – many expressing a visceral animosity towards the Jewish state that’s become one of the defining features of those who subscribe to the Guardian’s ideology.  Here’s a sampling.

Israel is a uniquely cruel and self-righteous nation.  Her supporters abroad are more loyal to Israel than their own nation: Dual Loyalty Charge. (319 Recommends)

The world only accepts Israel’s uniquely brutal behavior due to (presumably post-Holocaust) guilt. (180 Recommends)

Israel has committed “near genocide” against the Palestinians (284 Recommends)

Israel is a “settler colonial state”.  The media are dominated by pro-Israel propaganda. (55 Recommends)

Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinians set it apart from other injustices in the world.  Jews, who were once victims, are now victimizers. (67 Recommends).

Israel, like racist institutions and nations of the past, will eventually be defeated and cease to exist.

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  1. I have a mental vision of the psychic (or psychotic!) hatred for Israel and Jews building up a head of steam one day and blowing the Guardian’s gaskets.

    From my mindsight to God’s ear.

  2. Message to Rusbridger

    Fire this Freedland before he writes any more articles.


    Georgina and Matt

  3. Frankly, the mental trash attracted to that forum is a gold-mine to psychiatrists and students of hatred. They single-mindedly recycle the same set of lies and distortions, shamelessly, regardless of facts and impervious to rational analysis or any consideration of truth, not to mention the utter lack of decency.

    Which brings us back to that other issue of the grotesque legacy of post-modern intellectual junk which infected the western chattering-classes. It´s a betrayal of the painstaking achievements of the Enlightenment, which is one of the foundations of western success.

    I wonder whether the current economic crisis in europe isn´t somehow also a reflex of that same frame of mind (politically and morally, the deleterious influence is clear).

  4. It wasn’t just these dumbshit posters that responded in a fury of hate,the Guardian moderators went ape shit,deleting pro-Israel posts.These posts weren’t just deleted they were vaporized, no signs that they were ever written.

    As with all Guardian I/P threads it was a haters picnic,it has been said before that ……………. The Guardian attracts blow flies to horse shit………This would look good on a T-shirt.

  5. Why does Israel tolerate JRuskin aka Moeran,he has admitted that he uses subterfuges to get into Israel and stay there,he is involved in riots and demonstrations.Perhaps the Israeli police should be made aware of his presence in Israel.

  6. With every anti-Israel article the Guardian is coming closer to becoming a train wreck.With our help and with their loony posters help.

  7. This might not be the right place, but it just might interest some of you.

    The Guardian has an article titled “Family values or nepotism”

    This from the Guardian that employs Bell Mackie,who works for Cif,Bella Mackie just happens to be Alan Rustbridger’s daughter.

    Nepotism in the Guardian,really.Who would have thought