Lord Phillips: “America is in the grip of the well-organised Jewish Lobby”

This is a cross-post by Jonathan Hoffman

Unfortunately Lord Phillips of Sudbury is no stranger to this blog.

He was the first speaker at last night’s PSC meeting in a Committee Room at the House of Commons. He started confidently (or seemed to…). He seemed to be anxious (maybe too anxious) to convince us at the outset that “some of his best friends…” so he told us that his first visual memory was of the Holocaust (he was born in 1939). “I do believe in the right of Israel to exist” he said. (Well thanks buddy – and France? Germany? England?). He suggested that Israel was created only because of the guilt felt by the West after the Holocaust (nonsense of course, there were many other historic and political reasons) and that ¼ to 1/3 of “Israeli Jews” “loathe what the government is doing” (nonsense, there is perhaps 90% support for government policy, that was what the polls were showing during Cast Lead).

Then he claimed that everything Israel does is illegal. “The Wall is illegal” (it isn’t) “and why has the British government never told Israel that “ (Errrrr – because it isn’t illegal……) “Europe cannot think straight about Israel because of the Holocaust and America is in the grip of the well-organised Jewish lobby” (yes, redolent of the nastiest tropes). “Lieberman is more racist than anyone on the Palestinian side”.

Phillips went on to agree with another speaker, Richard Allday of the Unite trade union, who advocated a boycott of Israeli goods and people.

Jeremy Corbyn MP also spoke. He said “When it’s in Israel’s self interest they do something” (Er, how about the humanitarian missions to Haiti and other natural disaster sites………)

Then Andrew Slaughter MP lamented the fact that the Palestinian Authority “does not have anything to give any more”. “Recognition” I suggested and for a one-word heckle nearly got thrown out by the Chair, Sarah Colbourne of the PSC, who is rather weak and clearly not used to debate. If MPs were thrown out for one-word heckles there would be none left!

Finally Kevin Ovenden, who referred to the “Zionist entity” and tried to spin the old lie about General Petraeus, suggesting he said that Israel’s actions were a threat to the lives of US soldiers in the region.

I asked Lord Phillips for support for his assertion that America is in the grip of the well-organised Jewish lobby, in view of the fact that in the USA support for Israel comes from a huge variety of people. He could give me none. I pointed out that the Hamas Charter sought the genocide of Jews — so how could he say that Liberman was more racist that any on the other side?

His answer was breathtakingly ignorant. He said that the Hamas Charter is “a load of bullsh*t”. He had been told that by a terrorist leader, so it must be true. I tried to remonstrate with this answer. Sarah Colbourne promptly threw me out. (In a House of Commons Committee Room this is the way that censorship is achieved at these kind of meetings. There are police outside the room who will enforce any eviction by a chair of a meeting, however spurious the reasons – they don’t ask questions).

The PSC is losing ground fast: Bathurst Norman was severely reprimanded by the OCJ; they failed to get a full boycott of Israeli goods and people from the TUC; it is clear that this government will be a lot tougher on Islamist extremism than the previous one; all over Europe political movements are rising in reaction to extremism (albeit movements that are not always welcome).

But animals are at their most dangerous when they are cornered…..

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  1. “…. it is clear that this government will be a lot tougher on Islamist extremism than the previous one…”


    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. The PSC being the Palestine Solidarity Campaign? And how does Jonathan Hoffman gain access? Just curious.

    Either way: ridiculous comments by Phillips.

  3. Then he claimed that everything Israel does is illegal. He must have researched this for many years.

    Mr Hoffman you are indeed brave to venture among crazy people like this one.

  4. Jonathan – I’m sure you would have run a counter demo at a Nuremburg rally.

    The fact you were ‘evicted’ for asking difficult questions and stating obvious truths demonstrates that the PSC is devoid of all moral credibility. They only have one agenda – destroy Israel, and Phillips is another useful idiot for the cause.

  5. Gerald Kreeve

    Then he claimed that everything Israel does is illegal.

    You seem to take JH’s word for it. Is there not even the slight possibility of someone exaggerating here?

    Ray Cook
    They only have one agenda – destroy Israel

    Oh, please. That’s just nonsense.

  6. I think he’s unaware, Gerald Kreeve, but it doesn’t excuse his behaviour. He may even be trying to sound “even-handed” but he hasn’t the self-awareness to realise that it often comes out all wrong and calling opinions and facts he disagrees with “nonsense” doesn’t help in the least.

    Pretzelberg, do you ever question, say, Daphna Baram’s word at the other place, or the ignominious Freedman or accuse any of the other Islamist-supporting mopes there of exaggerating, or do you save your lack of manners for display here?

    Just curious.

  7. Excellent post, Jonathan. I’m still continually amazed that such high profile politicians in the UK can advanced such ugly anti-Semitic tropes with seeming impunity. I’m curious, though. Given that the EU definition of anti-Semitism includes “Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective – such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions,” could such a statement make Phillips vulnerable to British anti-incitement laws?

  8. Someone needs to tell Lord Phillips that the trope in the USA is that the WASP’s control everything.

  9. They really are beyond stupid, ignoring for the moment the antisemitism that must rot them. Or could it be something else?

  10. After
    – the release of the bomber of Pan Am 103
    – the “we are all hamass” rallys
    – george galloway, lauren booth, yvonne ridley
    – the vulgar attacks on returning british troops in luton

    it is clear that the uk is in the grips of the islamist lobby.

  11. There are two things here that I like and approve of……America is in the “grip” of the “well organized” Jewish lobby…..In the grip and well organized.

    It’s about time that the EU/UK were in the grip of a well organized Jewish Lobby…..

  12. Adam: Time and again I have tried to get action as regards the anti-incitement laws. I have a meeting coming up with the authorities to discuss why they never prosecute.

  13. Note the contrast with last week’s Cambridge Union debate.

    As Gabriel Latner (the student who spoke so brilliantly) said, Israel is always willing to send a high-ranking diplomat to take part in a debate, however provocative and mendacious the motion.

    The PSC by contrast needs to hold its public meetings in a room in Parliament where they are guaranteed a posse of police outside the room who will at the biased chairman’s behest evict (no questions asked) anyone who dares debate with them.

  14. JH,

    “I have a meeting coming up with the authorities to discuss why they never prosecute?”

    It will open a can of worms.
    It’s like the UN,
    A toothless tool.
    The sad reality is that the Islamists know this and just like the Islamic Jihad and Hamas poke Israeli defences to see how far they can go, the European Islamists do the same in the EU.

    Somewhere something bound to give way.

    Guess who gets hurt when things give way in European societies…
    The Jews.

  15. This is not the first time that a room in the House of Commons has been used as a place to attack Israel’s legitimacy. It is amazing that a forum like that can be used for that purpose, in an attempt to provide a fig-leaf of authrity to these disgusting attacks. You did well to be there and put a stick in the wheels, no matter that they immediately has you escorted out rather than try to deal with your on-point objections to the speakers’ comments.

  16. “¼ to 1/3 of “Israeli Jews” “loathe what the government is doing” (nonsense, there is perhaps 90% support for government policy, that was what the polls were showing during Cast Lead).”

    What exactly is your point here ? Do 90% of Israelis support Lieberman’s extreme policies ? do 90% support spending billions to maintain a few caravans on isolated hills ? do 90% support the lax application of the law in the WB ? do 90% support the billions being wasted to subsidize the Orthodox to buy their political support ? Should all Israelis who disagree with the government’s policies be lumped together with Lord Phillips.

    Are the State of Israel and the Likud one and the same ?

  17. MTC

    I think this is pretty clear from the context, that 90% of the Israeli Jews agree with the government regarding its general politics confronting the Hamas, the demands of Netanyahu from the PA and the idiocy of the stopping every building in East-Jerusalem Jewish neighborhoods. The same 90% looks with huge suspicion at intentions of the Palestinian side.
    Apart from this about 99.999999% disagree with different government actions.

  18. there is a collective insanity among many UK politicians. Lord Philips isn’t the first one to talk like that. Just who by the way, decided to allow Muslim demonstrators in London to declare: Behead those who insult Islam; and other such whispers of love? Isn’t that sedition by British law?

  19. It is interesting that nobody in Brit public life seems to ever mention how the UK govt of neville chamberlain in 1939 violated the terms of its mandate to foster development of the Jewish National Home. The 1939 “palestine white paper” was a unilateral British reversal of the Jewish National Home principle. Among other things, the White Paper policy prevented Jews from finding refuge in their internationally designated National Home when they most needed a home, that is, during the Holocaust. The UK can violate international law to the detriment of the Jews and none of the parties in the Commons today seems to remember what happened. The 1939 White Paper was a British contribution to the Holocaust. We may recall that Neville Chamberlain belonged to the Conservative Party, like William Hague who is now so contemptuous of Israeli sovereignty and willing to violate international instruments like the Security Council resolution 242. Hague told Arabs that the UK might support a unilateral palestinian Arab declaration of a state without Israel’s agreement, without agreement on borders or other essential matters. What might help to get a real peace, on the other hand, would be if the UK were to acknowledge the UK’s role in the Holocaust and were to stop inciting Arab warfare against Israel.

  20. Thank you for your continued efforts, Jonathan.

    Unless I’m much mistaken, Lord Phillips of Sudbury is a Liberal Democrat.

    According to the website, “They Work For You”, Lord Phillips is quoted as saying:

    ““My Lords, is the Minister of my mind in thinking that it is difficult to reconcile the existential threat, as the noble Baroness just called it, that Israel fears with a continued policy of rampant colonisation of the West Bank, which is not just illegal but is as provocative of extremism within Palestine and the Middle East as it conceivably could be?”

    M’Lord’s apparent lack of basic knowledge here is embarrassing. Perhaps he’s being tutored by Baroness Tonge.

  21. @ Yohoho

    Pretzelberg, do you ever question, say, Daphna Baram’s word

    Absolutely. I did so very clearly on her latest effort!

    Feel silly now?
    Care to take back your comments? Probably not.

  22. Gerald Kreeve

    pretzelberg are you just unaware of how insulting you are

    Please do expand. What exactly are you talking about?

    BTW: Do you ever challenge the countless insulting comments here aimed at Palestinians and those that disagree with Israeli policy?

  23. Yohoho

    … he hasn’t the self-awareness to realise that it often comes out all wrong and calling opinions and facts he disagrees with “nonsense” doesn’t help in the least.

    If someone says their sole agenda is to destroy Israel, then I reserve the right to call that nonsense.

    I often disagree with other posters on this site, but I rarely just write them off as nonsense.

    And just one immediate counter-example: I do not see you taking issue with Ariadne’s “They really are beyond stupid”. Strange how you don’t question their “self-awareness” …