Update on Terrorist Attack near Hebron: Hamas officially claims responsibility

Per Ynet:

Hamas claimed full responsibility for the lethal shooting attack in south Mount Hebron Tuesday in which four Israelis were killed.

Abu Ubaida, spokesman for Izz al-Din al-Qassam said: “Qassam Brigades announces its full responsibility for the heroic operation in Hebron. Our men have returned safely to their bases.”

He further noted, “This attack is a chain in a series of attacks, some have been executed, and others will follow.”

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  1. The terrorists fired tens of bullets into the corpses of the people they had killed according to Israel TV. I remember the Guardian going nuts over a report that one Israeli soldier had once made sure that a Palestinian girl suspected of wearing an explosive belt had been killed in this way – I doubt that we will see the same sort of CiF article and hundreds of angry denunciations from the faithful CiFers.

  2. “I doubt that we will see the same sort of CiF article and hundreds of angry denunciations from the faithful CiFers”.

    Or when a Pal was shot in the foot.

  3. i did not learn of the massacre until i went to the net this afternoon

    not one msm outlet in the states had anything about it


    the above link has photos of the victims (may their blood be avenged) and their families…as well as ap photos of arabs rejoicing over the murders

    these photos include children

  4. The proud claiming of multiple murder is a mark of these vicious murderers. There is no morality in Gaza where no-one at all expresses sympathy for the loss of human life. Had it been Israel there would have been dozens of citizens disclaiming this brutish event and mourning with the mourners.

    Anyone who identifies with Hamas should mark this and understand that they are supporting a force that denies compassion sympathy and humanity.

  5. Hamas can’t be responsibilie, we all know that Hamas supports a peaceful solution to the conflict, why on earth would they start a new terror wave to disrupt peace talks.
    Sure they did it with the Oslo accords but now they are all nice guys Israel should, besides we all know that Hamas never attack while there is a ceasefire only Israel does.
    So it must all be lies it couldn’t have been Hamas.

  6. from Maannews (translation by Google)

    Qassam Brigades: Operation “torrent of fire” in a series of responses to the crimes of the occupation

    In later announced that the Qassam Brigades on its Web site “full responsibility” for the operation, carried out by Mquaomha Tuesday evening near the village of Bani Na’im east of Hebron territory.

    Abu Ubaida, spokesman for the Qassam Brigades, in a press statement: “bleeding of the Palestinian people to enable our fighters in Bushra al-Qassam Brigades in the West Bank the implementation of this heroic operation, as a first step of a series of operations in the framework of responding to crimes of the occupation.”

    He stressed that “This operation is a natural response to occupation crimes that affect our people in the occupied West Bank, responded to the crimes of the occupation and the targeting of mosques and shrines.”

    He said that this process went several messages, “the first message, that the resistance in spite of war and eradication of being subjected to at the hands of the occupation persists and exists and can strike at the time and place and time of your choice.”

    He added that the second letter, is the emphasis on the continuation of resistance and jihad, and that this process comes in this context.

  7. Can anyone point me to a link which quotes Abbas as condemning this atrocity?

    Gerald Kreeve, I have seen the photographs on line of the celebrations on the West Bank. No doubt champagne corks are popping at the Groan, and the electronic intifada, Bungler, Lauren Booth and all the like are having orgasms of delight.

    These people are scum. One should not even try to reason with them.

  8. pretzelberg

    not unbelievable….just another reason why israel has nothing to apologize for regarding cast lead

    those arent children, they are terrorists in training

  9. Pretzelberg,

    A small correction:
    Raising an index finger to sky in the Muslim culture expresses one’s wish to get there as a shahid. In other words, the crowd does a bit more than “express loyalty to Hamas”.