Happy Birthday CiF Watch!

CiF Watch is one year old today, and what a year it has been! I tried to figure out how many hours of work must have gone into getting the site up and running and then keeping it going, but soon gave up on that one!

This seems like the ideal opportunity to ask for some input from our readers. What do you like about CiF Watch and what motivates you to visit our site? What are we getting right, or wrong? How would you like to see the site continue over the next year? Are there any features you would like to see added? Which were our strongest posts to date?

On the latter subject, I think that the live thread during the flotilla incident which featured constant updates and breaking news was one of our outstanding ones and an invaluable source of information, although I’m not entirely convinced that Hawkeye has yet caught up on the sleep lost during that week.

So tell us what you think, and raise a glass to the coming year of CiF watching!

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  1. Yes Donny CifWatch makes a difference

    I pride myself to have silenced a minor voice since more than 2 months now and hope there is more to come. If it should resurrect, I’ll be right back there

    the help, support, friendship and “back-up” I found here is not the least to “blame” for me keeping it up – without a site like this (and others) I couldn’t have kept the necessary distance between me and the garbage – in other words it was one of the sites I went to when I felt in need of a dose of sanity.

  2. @donny ‘Do you understand that you are propagating the actions of the Nazi’s, has history taught you people nothing’?

    Who are you talking to? whose we? and why are you making a provacative comparison between the genocidal eliminationist actions of the Nazi’s to the policies of the Israeli state.
    ‘There is no anti semitisim on cif, there is anti Zionisim’?
    There is anti Semitisim and prejudice in many places donny, cif included.
    ‘has history taught you people nothing? it’s taught me to tell arseholes like you to F**k right off, try posting under ur real name next time

  3. distort all you want – today I am not into playing with you – there are more amusing people out there – but thanks for the info that there is a muslimwatch, never heard of it
    but why do you think the 70.000 had to leave the swimmingpool because of muslims – I didn’t say so – leave it, go elsewhere or take on Donny he/she looks like it is fun to play with

  4. Hi Donny


    Big mistake. Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jews. Being anti-Zionist is denying the right of the self determination of the Jewish people, denying a right that you accept for any others apart from the Jews – in other words being an anti-Zionist is the PC form of being a Jew hater.

    Let me quote only one post on CIF from your anti-Zionist fellow traveller Farang:

    I pray I live to see Israel and all it’s sympathisers supporters of murder. illegal organ harvesting by rabbis, genocide, spying on allies,paranoid rantings, the sheer hubris of their “religion” telling them they are “god’s people” (and who the heck wants that god???) put down in a similar manner soon like the rabid dogs they are

    Ah, the beauty of anti-Zionism….

    BTW reading your laughable kumbaya BS only two options remain:
    Either you are lying or you are so thick like the fog in London.

  5. Don’t worry folks, almost every party has to have its party pooper. Donny is a typically unintelligent one-trick pony.

    Hey Donny! You want to be watched, do you?

    Make a video of yourself and post it to YouTube.

    (peterthehungarian – of your two options I think that the second applies).

  6. Penny, people are beginning to realise that people in Gaza are not starving and never were, and that any shortages in Gaza are down to Hamas which distributes aid which should be given out free of charge to its favourites and informers.

    I have written to various UK government agencies for a breakdown of how our donations to UNRWA and other NGOs are spent but have had no reply.

    This does not surprise me in the slightest but in this age of recession we should be cutting back on the UNRWA gravy train drastically, given the luxurious living in most of Gaza.

  7. peterthehungarian and snigger

    I vote for both options combined:
    as thick as the fog in London and smelling like the most evil smog of times long past, the truth of which is proved by the fact that cute little Donny can’t even come up with a lie that fools even the most ignorant of the subject in question for an instant.
    Could it be that Donny wore ringlets as a kid, I mean the kind balding Juan Cole sports on his blog profile?

  8. Silke

    I wanted to use as metaphor a Thuringian Bratwurst (yummy-yummy) or a Hungarian bacon, but you are correct they smell too good…

  9. Silver Trees
    the last I learned was that UNRWA will run (quite) a deficit and needs the donors to disgorge more – after all its 30.000 employees as per its website need to be paid.

    lack of food for Gaza is as complaint so completely yesterday, the new “outrage” is damaged dignity

    I just heard on German radio podcast an interview from Augsut 11 about the Arab press and Ramadan. The non-German interviewee informed me that donations from the feasters will flow amply because each time they deny themselves a gulp of water during the day that makes them think of the evil Israelis who deprive all their brethren of water (not so, Axel Feuerherdt at – alas German – Konkret did the math in December last year, Israelis use less water per capita than their Arab neighbours – here is the text in case Google translate does it justice – scroll down to after the introduction – the figures are an eye-opener)

  10. Peter
    Hungarian Bacon?
    I have never seen it on offer here – what a shame – ring the exporter NOW and make him get his act together
    once a long long time ago I had Hungarian Salami just to make you understand why the idea of Bacon from there gets me salivating immediately

  11. Silke

    probably the German authorities responsible for the public health would execute on the spot any exporter trying to kill the German population by cholesterol poisoning. Lacking the possibility to try you must believe me that the Hungarian bacon
    a. very thick
    b. very unhealthy
    c. as a consequence – very tasty

  12. Silke, I think I read that damaged dignity was the latest complaint. As if opening the crossings and allowing Palestinian suicide bombers into Israel from Gaza will “dignify” their people….

  13. The following post of mine was deleted:


    @ Silke

    “Berlin is the city about which I read that some 70.000 people had to leave a swimming pool this summer”

    Where did you get that – Muslmwatch.org?

    And you’ve still to explain where in Berlin “one gets only scowling looks”.

    People on this site are no dout lappnig up your anti-Muslim propaganda – and for that you call me “a bore”.


    Offensive language? No. Ad hominems? No.

    Or just saying something the mod isn’t happy about?

  14. Peter
    are you sure you don’t have a sadistic streak – by now I am salivating so hard I am through my first pack of kleenex and I spare you the description of the pain my stomach gives me

    Silver Tree
    preventing them from martyring themselves is indeed damaging to dignity – just as a reminder in case you haven’t seen it – depriving them of that is not hurting dignity?

    and as to the above I made a terrible mistake the guy who has done the water math so brillantly is named Alex I repeat Alex
    terrible why does one always get the people wrong who one respects most?

  15. Silke

    I must have a masochistic component: living in Israel I can only dream about these Hungarian delights, the local ersatz variations are …ersatz.

  16. peter
    I feel for you – with retirement I have moved to an otherwise beautiful part of German but the bread, the bread, they just don’t know how to do proper bread, all white is OK, all black is OK but whenever they try to do a mix of rye and wheat the result is not even ersatz it is catastrophe

  17. Bread-machine Silke…. bread machine helps. We make our own bread when the wish for a slice of an old-style Hungarian Bauerbrot becomes unbearable.

    And not to forget in the midst of this wild salivating:
    Happy birthday CifWatch!

  18. Oh yes
    Happy Birthday CiFWatch for the how maniest time?

    and how about a virtual birthday party next year where everybody brings his or her most beloved and most painfully missed foodstuff

  19. @ Silke

    they just don’t know how to do proper bread

    “They” being who exactly? By German standards the bread here in Berlin isn’t the best – but who are you referring to?

  20. @ peterthehungarian

    As a legendary/infamous (opinion is divided, I admit) sandwich-maker*, I’ve always toyed with the idea of a bread machine.

    Although pittas would be tough, right?😉

    *p.s. No baked beans jokes, please.

  21. pretzel and peter

    only talking about SauerTeigMischBrot

    the best is Ausgehobenes or was it doppelt ausgehobenes (don’t ask me what that stands for) from the Vogelsberg area about halfway between Frankfurt and Fulda i.e. just the ordinary stuff that when it’s fresh the inner part of it you’ll have already eaten on your way home from the bakery.

    and I’ve tried bread machine, only slightly better than the local bakery – maybe I should contact a local bakery there if they do any sending, last I knew they claimed they had pretty much achieved dominance of the Frankfurt market place markets.

    in case though we had a food birthday party next year I’d bring huge Greek tomatoes still warm from the sun.

  22. Pretzel

    The best pita in the area can be bought at the Druze bakeries., no need to make it home.

  23. @ peterthehungarian

    Lucky you!
    For me it’s a short hop to my fave Turkish bakery.
    (and no that’s not a political point – it’s just that you’d be mad to get pitta from a German supermarket).

  24. @ Silke

    doppelt ausgehobenes (don’t ask me what that stands for)

    Now I’m relieved!

    But in the Berlin neighborhood that bears my moniker, Silke, we now even have a Swabian bakery.
    So it’s not all bad.😉