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  1. smtx01

    ” it is wrong to accuse pretzelberg, he has fought, on many occasions on cif, ”

    Pretzelberg was , I thought.. a standard low conscious pro Israeli,, no different than every other embittered Muslim hater of which there were hundreds on CIF. His posts here have been a revelation to me and I have completely reassessed my ignorant view of him. He is a weighted and carefully balanced poster who is a credit to this place.

  2. Bravo, Hawkeye!
    The Guardian CiF bears out Anthony Julius’s point in his new book on antisemitism in this country – that Israel remains “the only state in the world whose legitimacy is widely denied and whose destruction is publicly advocated and threatened”. As Vernon Bogdanor notes in his review of the Julius book in the same issue of the JC as Hawkeye’s excellent piece, antisemites used to argue that Jews alone be deprived of civil rights – now antisemites argue that Jews alone be deprived of national rights.
    This nexus is all too clear on CiF in the remarks of Berchmans and others.
    Matt Seaton has been around their stench so long that he no longer seems to notice it.

  3. I was right about you Berchmans. Anyone who disagrees with murderous behaviour by Muslims – you know the sort of thing indoctrination of little children into hatred and wanting to die; seducing Palestinian women so that their honour is compromised and then offering to let them die with “honour” by exploding themselves at checkpoints so that their families will not suffer; anyone who calls out the fact that Palestinians’ government are terrorists of the most obscene order; anyone who protests the Hamas’ use of their own people was human shields is, so far as you are concerned, an “embittered Muslim hater.”

    I am bitter about the children of Sderot, and about all the other Israeli children who are in danger too from Palestinian Muslims’ death wish rather than peace wish. I am bitter that people like you on a place like CiF lionise these people into heroes and tells lie about them and big them up and therefore collude with their habitual victim status from which their leaders make political capital instead of condemning those leaders for murdering their people’s futures.

  4. The “we” are the sane posters here, of course, pretzelberg. There are hundreds of us all united (except Berchmans, of whom more anon) in hanging onto your every lunatic pronouncement and waiting for you to trip yourself up. The obsession with the star rating was a real gift to us.

    And the rest of your post shows you for the poor diddums you are really.

    The sort of child-like diddums who a good enough parent would put in his room until he had calmed down and gotten over himself.

    re Berchmans, I actually felt a glimmer of sympathy for you pretzelberg when I found out that Berchmans admires your posts.

    You’re doomed, doomed, I tell ye! :~))

  5. The implication from my previous post is that Berchmans is sane. This is a correction to that erroneous remark.

  6. “modernityblog preferring to harrass me “


    Please don’t play the victim, I am merely reminding people of your past efforts and how they been found wanting.

    I am sure that if you acquired a degree of sensitivity to the thoughts of **others** then you probably wouldn’t have half of the problems that you seem to have now, 1) basic understanding 2) use of language 3) misinterpreting others etc

    by the way, have you apologised to Israelinurse yet?

  7. Abandon Hope, I tried not to get involved with this one, because you are getting it from all sides, but your pomposity is hilarious. ‘Nobody here has studied discrimination’ like you have.

    You think that for Jews discrimination is an academic abstraction they learn about by sitting around with misplaced self-importance in their ivory towers?

    In any case, you’re not the only one to have ‘qualifications’ and ‘experience’ in this field. And probably a fair few here who have a better academic understanding of anti-Semitism, modern Jewish history, and the development of the modern Middle East, than EVEN your good self sir!

    And bringing up the Hamas Charter again, to rationalise a political creed that makes the BNP look like a bunch of boy scouts. Well of course, such vile bigotry that utilises every classic anti-Semitic trope in the book, and calls for a genocidal solution to Israel’s existence, could only be properly understood in the context of the ‘catastrophe’. In other words, if there wasn’t a ‘Zionist entity’ spoiling the party and preventing Islamic geo-political hegemony from Morocco to Pakistan, then there would be no reason why these otherwise reasonable, affable, well-educated people would want to kill the Jews. Simple innit Berchmans, for someone who possesses the right academic credentials.

  8. pretzelberg you wrote:

    “Perhaps one reason is that I don’t post malicious lies about other posters.”

    Tut, tut, what a poor memory you have.


    “January 25, 2010 at 7:15 pm 2 Votes

    Israelinurse, your restraint writing about Klug’s brainless nonsense is admirable.

    Well, you should see the hate-fuelled comments she comes up with elsewhere on this site …”


    If you are going to lie about your own conduct then you should do it elsewhere, where people don’t remember your stupidities, as the example above shows, where you deliberately attacked Israelinurse, but couldn’t provide any evidence to support your specious claim that she made “hate-fuelled comments”, which was obviously nonsense on your part, but you couldn’t bring yourself to apologise or admit your mistake.

  9. Jonny Moses

    “You think that for Jews discrimination is an academic abstraction they learn about by sitting around ”

    You have to be a crow to know what being a crow is like ? Dont get me wrong some people are very good at knowing how the world discriminates against them …but it is hilarious to see these posts from people who think they are fair and non discrinminatiory.I repeat it is a uni discipline ..you can take your well meaning pot shots…you aint gonna hit the barn door.


    ” why do u have a Jewish name? ”

    Its my dads Christian name.

  10. Dopey do you laugh at your own posts too? You think you are fair and non-discriminatory don’t you, having studied it for thirty years and at three universities, and you support Hamas whose charter is the most discriminatory document against Jews since Mein Kampf?

    You have said that Israeli Jews deserve to be hated too. I saw your post to Mitnaged for which you still haven’t apologised, O expert in antidiscrimination (except when it applies to Israeli Jews).

    Aren’t you dizzy yet from the circles you argue yourself in?