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This is a guest post by Jonathan HoffmanThe Guardian website today carried a report about the clashes between the aid convoy led by George Galloway and the Egyptian police. Of course the article demonised Israel:

Israel’s strict blockade of Gaza, which has been in place for more than two years, prevents all exports and limits imports to a few humanitarian items.

That’s simply a lie – no other word for it. In December alone:

  • Six more water desalination systems were transferred to the Gaza Strip;
  • 15 truckloads of cellular communications equipment were delivered to the Palestinian mobile phone carrier, Jawal;
  • Strawberries and flowers were exported;
  • Glass was brought in for home repairs and renovations in preparation for the winter;
  • 750 tons of aggregate were transferred for maintenance of the North Gaza Wastewater Treatment plant.
  • 2179 truckloads (48,237 tons) of humanitarian aid entered via the Kerem Shalom cargo terminal and the Karni conveyor belt.
  • 7,173,468 liters of heavy-duty diesel for the Gaza power station  and 2276 tons of cooking gas were delivered via the Kerem Shalom crossing and the Nahal Oz fuel depot.

The article goes on to report that Egyptian officials told the convoy that some of their trucks could not pass through Rafah but had to enter into southern Israel and then pass through an Israeli-controlled crossing into Gaza.

We refused this,” said Galloway. “It is completely unconscionable that 25% of our convoy should go to Israel and never arrive in Gaza. Because nothing that ever goes to Israel, ever arrives in Gaza.”

This demonising of Israel is completely untrue. And there would have been no clash of convoy members with the Egyptian police if the aid had been delivered via Israel, as the Egyptian government requested. But then the publicity opportunities for Galloway would have been far fewer and he could not have laid into Israel. As the always astute Melanie Phillips observes:

It was instead merely yet another propaganda stunt whose aim was to defame and vilify Israel – a project whose aim the Guardian appears to share.

Elder of Ziyon has also blogged on this Guardian Report. He notes that the initial piece was even worse and it had to be edited (as acknowledged in the article history):

This article was published on at 09.24 GMT on Wednesday 6 January 2010. It was last modified at 16.43 GMT on Wednesday 6 January

PS Look what Juana Jaafar, a Malaysian convoy participant from Mahathir’s group, tweeted to her friends from El Arish:


It has been pointed out to me (on Harry’s Place by “Mr Danger”, 10:45 9/1, guest post by Sarah) that this Tweet was a continuation of an earlier Tweet:

Tweet 1: “Members sitting at gates. Someone leading a doa. Doa man crying while doa. I don’t understand Arabic but I know stuff being said bout

Tweet 2: “Yahudi” and am feeling uncomfortable. There are Jews in and supporting our mission …”

That obviously is a very different meaning from the one I thought at first (before connecting the two tweets). I am happy to set the record straight.

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  1. Once again we are witness to the use and abuse of the people in Gaza as it is more important to politicise their status than to actually have anything positive done for and/or with them.

    The sorry reality is that there are roads to take that increase the likelihood of success and then are others than guarantee failure.

    It isn’t as if these people lack the sophistication to know which road they are choosing, it is a deliberate and calculated attempt at failure, which in its own convoluted manner achieves success, since the goal to begin with is to villify Israel.

    The moral hypocracy of these Arabist apologists knows no bounds as they shed crocodile tears calling for “justice”, all the while deliberately using and abusing the very same people they supposedly care for.

    If I was a gazan, man would I be pissed at these people for glorifying themselves on my back.

  2. “prevents all exports”

    Gaza exports thousands of rockets to Israeli civilians.

  3. We are seeing the prolific use of lawfare by those in opposition to Israel. It’s proved highly effective and has put Israeli politicians and military at great disadvantage. On the ‘home front’, there have been numerous cases where militant Islam has pushed the envelope of legal decision to see what they could get away with and impose on a weak willed UK legal decisions that have hamstrung many public bodies and institutions.

    Is it not time for us to reclaim the high ground and fight back at these liars like the Guardian with a plethora of court cases that cost them dearly and teach them to tread very carefully when reporting Israel and global Jewry. At the same time, legal minds could be directed at the ‘chancers’ who aim to tie up our lives with their ludicrous pc demands.

    I propose a fighting fund and a panel of lawyers who want to take the fight to the enemy and seriously damage their ability to inflict yet more damage on our fragile and seemingly undefended democracies.

    There are numerous unemployed young lawyers who have just qualified and cannot get work. It would be a good way to practise what they’ve learned – they could earn their keep and gain useful experience for their resumes.

    Anyone who thinks this is worthwhile and can help take it forward, I’d be interested to hear from you.

    Jonathan, as always, well done for bringing important issues to public gaze.

  4. Bradley Burston says the siege of Gaza is all ten worst mistakes by Israel this decade. And he may be right. But this siege is hardly like any other in recent, medieval or ancient times.

  5. Gorgeous carefully screens out anything which proves him to be wrong and detracts from the image of himself that he is trying to fool people about.

    cityca yes it is time that we reclaim the high ground as regards countering the egregious claims against Israelis which are an infringement of their rights to travel. We can begin by monitoring Hamas and Hezbollah supporters who are invited here and try to sneak in below our radar. Surely they can be charged for the infringement of the human rights of their people and put on trial.

    Your other suggestion is a good one.

    Count me in as an interested party.

  6. Galloway is a shit-stirrer attention seeker and a bore,it is getting harder for him to get any attention at all,so he reverts to these schemes to vilify Israel that are probably financed by the Iranians.

    This whole aid convoy circus is run by this Galloway clown,and it is unravelling.

  7. JH,Great idea I’m surprised that it hasn’t been done before,Start with targeting Galloway,I’m sure that we would find a few skeletons in his closets.

  8. Good job debunking a mere fraction of the lies the Guardian insists on repeating.

    The Guardian never seems to tire of publishing these lying pieces. They are so deeply involved in their own hatred of Israel they are no longer able to tell reality from fiction, truth from lies. The GWV has Palestinians dying of starvation in Gaza, totally blockaded without fuel, water or food (nor toilet paper) that they are no longer able to see the reality no matter how often it is reported in the serious press and no matter who often photograpjic and written reports show the opposite.

  9. By the way – has there been any apology from Galloway and pals to the family of the dead Egyptian?

    It is really good that this ridiculous publicity stunt is getting the standard roughing up served out by the typical Arab police towards demonstrators. When some of them recover from their headaches, its possible that a useful lesson will have penetrated their thick skulls about what the reality of Arab regimes is. Perhaps they’ll even think about comparing their treatment with the kid-glove treatment used by Israel in similar situations.

    They think its some kind of game – but in the ME, the game is played for keeps. Its time they learned that.

  10. Perhaps they’ll even think …

    They won’t.

    Its time they learned that.

    They won’t.

    As Sartre observed, the disease of anti-Semtism is amenable neither to facts nor to logic. The left has adopted the dyed-in-the-wool Jew-hatred of the Arab world, combined with a resurrected medieval anti-Semitism. It won’t give it up.

  11. Galloway is persona non grata in Egypt,for calling the overthrow of Mubarak.
    The last convoy had the same problems,half of the aid was looted by the Beduins,who also threw rocks at the convoy.

  12. When I see this British politician and his motley crew stomping all over the Middle East and trying to get their we-know-best way, with absolutely no regard for the local customs, rules or regulations, I do have to ask myself if some sections of British society are quite as ‘post-colonial’ as they would have themselves believe.

  13. @mostly harmless

    That’s not the point. I was providing evidence against the assertion that Israel “limits imports to a few humanitarian items”.

    I am very well aware of what a population of 1.5m needs. I am also well aware of the growing economic disparity between Gaza where the economy is stagnating and the West Bank where the economy is growing at a rate of some 7% – and of the reason for that growing disparity.

  14. Hairshirt
    Thanks for that. I will approach some people here in the UK to see if this is possible. Ideally, we’ll need a couple of legal firms, a sponsor would be useful, access to law graduates, perhaps via legal firms and someone in the media who is prepared to promote the idea.

    It won’t happen overnight but watch this space. If anyone else likes the idea, please get in touch via CiFWatch.

  15. Zkharya

    researched and written, I think, in about an hour😉


    “When I see this British politician and his motley crew stomping all over the Middle East ..with absolutely no regard for the local customs,”

    Irony was at deaths door ..but makes a surprising recovery on CIFwatch.

  16. CIFOFF (yourself: now there’s irony: to address you one must employ the device you intended for others) et al.,

    Let me just clarify: by “one hour”, I meant the hour that elapsed between this article’s appearing and my having informed JH of that to which it refers. If that was presumptious of me JH, I apologise. I meant that it was well and speedily written.

  17. Another superb article written by Jonathan Hoffman. Such a pleasure to read. Makes a very welcome contrast.

  18. Well done, Jonathan. Only by exposing the lies will the truth will have to be accepted, however grudgingly, or the hearers of it will go crazy.

    As for the CIF OFF troll – it, like so many others who frequent the “other place”, would like to have us believe that CiFWatch is of little import to them. It should note:

    That the fact it posts here disproves that, and

    its post remains here (whereas post with similar sentiments to the “other place” would have been deleted in short order)

  19. mostly harmless, you are quite an ignorant, one-trick horse aren’t you? You don’t seem to have the wit to research fully into what life in Gaza is like for the majority of Gazans (rather than those who are the showcase for Hamas’ bleating) and therefore you regurgitate what you read from anti-Israel sites and seem happy to make an idiot of yourself here.

    Read and digest (and the food does look lovely!) the following:


    I think that even a card holding idiot like you will agree that this sort of thing keeps Gazans more than just alive (if that is they don’t have to pay over the odds for it to Hamas).

    And note that the photographs come from a Palestinian site

  20. @Johnathan

    Fair enough Johnathan on that point you are correct – I can’t argue that flowers and strawberries are essential humanitarian itmes – maybe Israel will let out more than a few lorry loads this time so that farmers don’t have to feed them to the animals.

    I am glad that you acknowledge that the supplies Israel is letting into Gaza are insufficient for the needs of the population.

  21. @SilverTrees

    I might be being picky here but isn’t it ‘one trick pony’?

    Also not sure if ‘wit’ has got anything to do with the lack of stats/info in my post – it’s about time.

    And yes I have seen those pictures you have kindly provided link to, which I am sure you would agree do not tell the story of all 1.5 million people in Gaza.

    And finally do we really need to hurl abuse at each other?

  22. # Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been?
    I’ve been to Gaza to yell and be seen;
    Pussy cat, pussy cat what did you there?
    I got slung out of Egypt and THAT’S NOT FAIR!#

  23. mostly harmless – you are being picky.

    The pictures tell the story of most of the people of Gaza, save those who Hamas preserve in abject misery for photoshots and for the delection of mindless idiots who swallow whole what they have been told. After all we have heard on CiF, which of course ALWAYS tells the truth and nothing but, that there are such things as business consultancies in Gaza (he is a business consultant). Question – how can there be even one business consultancy in Gaza if the whole of Gaza has been bombed flat as the Guardianistas would have us believe?

    Of course we don’t have to insult each other. But I stand by my statement above that you should research more fully before you regurgitate the “Gazans are starving” – like nonsense here. It may suit CiF down to the ground but I believe that you will find the posters here rather more fussy.

  24. @mostlyharmless

    “I am glad that you acknowledge that the supplies Israel is letting into Gaza are insufficient for the needs of the population.”

    You completely twist what i wrote. Why am I not surprised…….

  25. I think that Israel is allowing in everything that it is asked to allow in, apart from those items which are a security risk (I have debunked elsewhere the nonsense that Israel is not allowing toilet rolls in).

    Aid is not the answer for the Gaza population. The answer is economic development. The most significant barrier to that is Hamas.

  26. A lie Mr Hoffman? Well if you’d had figures and research to demonstrate what a population the size of Gaza requires and then compared it to what Israel has let through you might have a leg to stand on.

    BTW are you still reviewing books on Amazon that you haven’t even read?😉