Following our post, Guardian changes photo caption alleging IAF strike during Hamas rally

Yesterday (Dec. 9) we posted about a Dec. 8 Guardian photo from Gaza (Khaled Meshaal attends Hamas anniversary rally in Gaza – in pictures) which contained a patently false caption:

Members of Hamas security forces stand guard

Here’s the original caption which caught our eye:

captionAs we noted, the claim that there was an Israeli airstrike, on the very day of the widely covered Hamas rally, which destroyed a building yet, somehow, wasn’t reported by any media source, leaves you wondering if there are Guardian editors doing elementary fact checking for such photo stories.

We asked our readers to contact the Guardian readers’ editor to point out the mistake, and, sure enough, in less than 24 hours the caption was changed. It now reads as follows:

revisedThe Guardian correction section notes the following:


It’s still unclear why Hamas security forces were guarding the top of a Gaza building on Dec. 8 , weeks after it was likely destroyed (during the war which ended on Nov. 21), but at least the Guardian is now clear about the day it certainly wasn’t destroyed.

Guardian photo caption invents an Israeli airstrike in Gaza


The Guardian published a post on Dec. 8 which contained 19 photos taken in Gaza on the day the Islamist terror group ‘celebrated’ their 25th anniversary: Khaled Meshaal attends Hamas anniversary rally in Gaza – in pictures. 


Here’s one of the photos they included, taken by Reuters photographer Mohammed Salam.

Members of Hamas security forces stand guard

Here’s the caption:


According to the caption, the building in the photo was destroyed by an Israeli strike during the Dec. 8 rally.

However, there have been no Israeli air strikes in Gaza since the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went into effect on Nov. 21.

There have been a few violent border incidents and Gaza fishermen were arrested by the Israeli Navy on Nov. 28, but there have been no reports of airstrikes on Dec. 8, or on any day after the ceasefire – even on the website of Hamas.

Even the most minimal fact checking would have disproven the “witness” claim.

Please consider emailing Guardian readers’ editor Chris Elliott to seek a correction.


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