CiF reader comments attacking one particular Abrahamic faith not deleted by moderators

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The following reader comment was posted under ‘s Hanukkah post (My Hanukah honours list for 2012, Dec. 13) at ‘Comment is Free’ over 14 hours ago, and still hasn’t been deleted by CiF moderators.



Here’s another ‘thoughtful’ comment posted this morning under a story which, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with Jews, (‘HSBC’s record $1.9bn fine preferable to prosecution, US authorities insist’ Dec. 13), and similarly hasn’t been deleted by CiF moderators:

comment 2


Finally, here’s another ‘meditation‘ beneath the story about HSBC, by the same commenter above, which hasn’t been deleted by CiF’s team of professional moderators.

comment 3

Guardian Reader Comment of the Day: Israel Obsession “Rorschach Test” Edition

There was nothing especially interesting about Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman’s recent essay, “Running for president or for an Oscar – which is the bigger waste of money?”.

Freeman cheekily, if cynically, compared the vast sums of money spent on both the Oscars and the U.S. Presidential Campaign, conjuring “shadowy menacing puppet masters” controlling both outcomes – Harvey Weinstein, Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, Super PACs, etc. – as if to ask “why bother paying attention to either contest”?

Freeman’s commentary elicited a few sober, if satirical, comments beneath the line, inspiring the Guardian journalist to cheerfully comment, “Thanks everyone! What nice comments so far. 2012 is starting off very kindly on CiF, I must say.”

Alas, the decency level soon declined, as one commenter felt the need to respond to the erstwhile humorist, thusly:

Of course, it would be easy to dismiss the reader’s Israel ‘Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’ as just a stray ‘off-topic’ comment, except that, as you can see, the comment received 50 “Recommends” by fellow Guardianistas (in a post which has thus far only generated 59 comments), and hasn’t been deleted.  So, presumably, it isn’t deemed unrelated to Hadley’s commentary by CiF Moderators. 

Moreover, any good student of CiF America knows, per two recent commentaries (here and here) on the undue influence of one American “Israel-Firster” named Sheldon Adelson, precisely what kind of “shadowy puppet master” controls the U.S. political system.

The degree to which some CiF readers are capable of explaining so many unpleasant political dynamics, in either the Middle East or the U.S., in a manner which imputes maximum malice to Jews, Zionists or Israel can be nearly comical, but is often not unrelated to the Guardian’s continuing legitimization of such obsessions.

Guardian commentators know their audience’s biases, they know them well, and they continually aim to please.

In politics it’s typically known as “playing to your base”.