How to Get Involved

When you encounter antisemitism, anti-Israel bigotry or inaccuracies in the Guardian or on ‘Comment is Free’, the most important thing is to let your voice be heard and take action!!!

There are a number of things that you can do:

  • complain to the Guardian by writing to Chris Elliott, the Guardian’s Readers’ editor at;
  • let your voice be heard by posting a comment in the comment thread refuting the  article, editorial or comment (and remember when commenting always be polite and abide by the community standards and participation guidelines laid down by the Guardian);
  • report any abusive comments to the moderators by clicking “Report abuse” next to the comment in the thread and where appropriate, explain to the moderators the reason for your complaint;
  • tell your friends about CiF Watch – the more people that know about the endemic problems that plague the Guardian and ‘Comment is Free’, the more the Guardian will feel obligated to adequately confront and address the problem; and
  • educate yourself about the Israel/Palestinian conflict – in the Resources page we direct you to a number of helpful resources that provide information about Israel and the Middle East and from time to time we post material designed to broaden our readers’ understanding of the conflict.

If you wish to contact us “offline”, please email us at