Sir Jeremy Greenstock

Sir Jeremy Greenstock, a retired British diplomat who had postings in places such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia and served as former British ambassador to the UN, currently serves as director of the prestigious Ditchley Foundation. Sir Jeremy also acts as an advisor to Forward Thinking, a British charity that aims to promote dialogue in the Middle East with “unengaged stakeholders in the region” which is subterfuge for negotiating with terrorist organisations like Hamas and whitewashing the violent and antisemitic nature of their so-called “resistance”.

It’s no coincidence that Forward Thinking has chosen to consult with Sir Jeremy for he has made a name for himself for pushing the “fluffy Hamas” thesis . On the BBC’s Radio Four Today Programme, in complete dismissal of the Hamas Charter, Sir Jeremy outrageously claimed that:

“They [Hamas] are not intent on the destruction of Israel. That’s a rhetorical statement of resistance and not part of their programme.”

He then went on to state:

“This is a grievance-based organisation desperate to end the occupation”

As Melanie Phillips points out, “occupation” in Hamas speak means occupation of the state of Israel within the green line.

Not to be outdone by the BBC, ‘Comment is Free’ published an article by Sir Jeremy touting more of the “fluffy Hamas” thesis which astoundingly included the following statement that was thoroughly debunked here :

“But the more thoughtful strand of thinking in Hamas recognises the need for a political process and is ready to engage in the search for a durable solution to the conflict with Israel. It was open to further encouragement when Hamas was keeping the peace on its side in 2006 and 2008. Hamas, which in fact has no deep-rooted argument with the west or Christianity, no political alliance with Tehran or Hezbollah, no respect for al-Qaida and no “charter” for the destruction of Israel in its political programme, just wants the Israeli occupation to end.” Rebuilding burned bridges January 15, 2009