CiF Contributors

When it comes to coverage of Israel on ‘Comment is Free’, readers are regularly exposed to a noxious mix of antizionism, antisemitism and other garden variety Israel-bashing.

On the pages of ‘Comment is Free’, contributors regularly label Israel as a racist and apartheid state and use emotive epithets such as “coloniser”, “ethnic cleansing”, “war crimes”, “separation wall”, “bantustans” and “war-mongering” to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist. Intentional acts of violence against the civilian population in Israel are either downplayed or totally ignored while attempts by Israel to prevent such attacks portray Israel as the unprovoked bloodthirsty aggressor that is motivated by an innate and racist hatred of the non-Jewish Arabs.

Recurring themes include spuriously characterizing Zionism as the antithesis of core Jewish values, touting of the one-state solution, comparing the acts of the Israelis with those of the Nazis, dehumanizing the Israeli settler population, morally equivocating between the Israeli right-wing and the Islamists, trumpeting the “Israel lobby” lie, accusing Jews of dual loyalties and sneering at those that dare defend Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish and democratic state.

Below we have devised a list of contributors to ‘Comment is Free’ who have a track record of engaging in antisemitic discourse that violates the EUMC Working Definition of Antisemitism (see How We Define Antisemitism). For each contributor we have a short bio together with a compilation of statements “in their own words” both on the pages of ‘Comment is Free’ and elsewhere.

As one such regular contributor to ‘Comment is Free’, Richard Silverstein, aptly stated “if we wish to defeat these people we must look their words and deeds squarely in the eye without blinking” and “testify to their hatred for the world to understand it and hopefully turn away from it.”

Although some of these contributors feature on ‘Comment is Free’ in varying degrees, in the aggregate they make up the majority of contributors on Israel related subject matter.

Please click on the links below to view each contributor’s bio and statements “in their own words”: