Why haven’t ‘CiF’ moderators deleted comment with the word “Zionazis”?

A ‘Comment is Free’ essay by Nick Cohen, titled ‘Betrayed by British justice: Marina Litvinenko’s tale‘, March 10, regarding the treatment of the widow of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, didn’t elicit many comments below the line, which presumably would make such a thread easier for CiF editors to moderate.

However, the following reader comment has been left at the site for more than 9 hours thus far.


Interestingly, CiF moderators were clearly following the thread, as these two comments were deleted.


7 comments on “Why haven’t ‘CiF’ moderators deleted comment with the word “Zionazis”?

  1. Try to use the expression “islamofascist” on CIF you will be deleted before you could say “allah akbar.”

    • Sorry, peter. Actually, no I’m not sorry.

      You seem to be wrong (again). I did a search for the term “islamofascist” the same way Adam did one for “zionazi” and over 31 pages of comments using that term were identified. Many, I notice, were criticizing the use of “islamofascist”. How many of Adam’s 100 or so mentions of “zionazi” were also critical of the term?

      That article is, I am afraid, another one of those cases where a serious point about the persistently and unjustifiably anti-Israel bias of the Guardian/Cif is undermined by facile use of a raw stat without any attempt at context.

      To avoid doubt, I detest the word zionazi and believe it SHOULD be deleted from Cif.

      • I didn’t make a doctorate to research the subject but have been banned from CIF exactly because my use of this expression. I know according to Matt Seaton’s lies in the Jewish Chronicle I should have been warned…

  2. Interestingly, CiF moderators were clearly following the thread, as these two comments were deleted.

    Perhaps said comments had been reported to them – and the thread was not actually being monitored live?
    Who knows …

    You see all sorts of horrible bigotry posted – and not deleted – BTL here at CiFWatch. Are we to make conclusions from that about the site’s aims and beliefs??

  3. Pretz, when we hire a team of professional moderators like the Guardian has then you can hold us similarly accountable.

    • Of course I take into account your relative lack of resources compared to the G.

      But you get my point, I think – especially the first part.

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